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10 Products To Help Stop Sweating

10 Products To Help Stop Sweating

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Day by day, the weather is getting a little warmer. I’m so excited for some heat because we had such a dreadful winter, but I’m not really thrilled about the sweat factor. I get really hot really easily. Maybe I’m born with it, maybe it’s annoying. More »

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Sweat (Actually)

Hillary Clinton Doesn't Sweat (Actually)

We read a lot of X-Men comics growing up (and watched the excellent cartoon) and always wondered about the unseen mutants, the ones who got shitty mutations. Like some kid who could never be defeated at tic-tac-toe or a girl who was allergic to sand. Apparently, secretary of state Hillary Clinton may be one such disappointing mutant: she doesn’t sweat. Ever. More »