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The Best Bathing Suits For Active Swimmers

The Best Bathing Suits For Active Swimmers

Regardless of how big a pain bathing suit shopping is in general, it’s much easier to buy a cute swimsuit to float, lay about and look pretty in than it is to find one that can be functional for active swimming. Sea bathers and pool goers who don’t want to risk wardrobe malfunctions while they’re catching waves, playing sports, swimming for miles, or otherwise working their butts off still want to look good. We found some swimming costumes that are both practical and sexy, so you can have it all! There’s no need to sacrifice aesthetics for your workout. More »

Gorgeous Bathing Suits From Robyn Lawley’s New Plus-Size Swimsuit Line

Gorgeous Bathing Suits From Robyn Lawley's New Plus-Size Swimsuit Line

It is no secret that finding clothing for sizes above about a 12 can not just be difficult, but also straight up disappointing. Lines for plus-size women are often cut strangely, sold online and only created in flat colors (because it flattens your tummy!!!!). Basically, they’re boring and we do not enjoy them.

Enter Robyn Lawley‘s new swimsuit line with Madison Plus Select. More »