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Could Julie Chen’s Eyelid Surgery Be About Anything Other Than Race?

Could Julie Chen's Eyelid Surgery Be About Anything Other Than Race?

Since “revealing” her double eyelid surgery on The Talk last week, news anchor/TV lady Julie Chen has received quite a lot of feedback. A lot of it was negative comments from people within her own community who thought she was, indeed, “giving into the man” by getting plastic surgery to look less stereotypically Asian, so yesterday she took to TV to defend herself. More »

4 Things To Expect from Dr. Drew’s New Show

4 Things To Expect from Dr. Drew's New Show

Dr. Drew, the doctor-turned-TV-star who has hosted Loveline, Celebrity Rehab, and the Teen Mom reunions, is getting his own show on HLN. Although his previous forays into television have relied on his medical expertise – Drew, whose workaday last name is Pinsky, is an addiction and recovery specialist – this one will be a more general news and current events discussion program a la the network’s shows with Larry King and Joy Behar. However, I‘ve expressed my dislike for Drew before, and I don’t think I am going to watch his show. If you do, though, here’s what I predict you’ll see: More »

Dear Tyra Banks: Stop Exposing 15-Year-Old Girls’ Sex Addictions

Dear Tyra Banks: Stop Exposing 15-Year-Old Girls' Sex Addictions

I don’t want to be too mean here, because I like to think of myself as a nice person. Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in. I’m in one of those, “I hate you, annoying people” moods and the only thing that is keeping it to a degree of tolerability is the smell of country fried chicken from the restaurant down the street from our office. Back to the point: Tyra Banks, you really need to go away. Far away. I feel bad saying this, but not very many people like you. You think you’re the next Oprah. Girlfriend, there is no next Oprah. Oprah’s eternal. Oprah’s the best. I could write a whole post about how awesome Oprah is. In one of my SAT practice exams I spent the 25 minutes of the writing section explaining why I admire Oprah and want to be her when I grow up. Yes, she has her flaws too but I still love her. You, Tyra. You’re no Oprah. You never will be. Sowwy. More »