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7 Products For Treating That Nasty Sunburn

7 Products For Treating That Nasty Sunburn

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I’ve been talking so much about sunscreen and protecting yourself when you’re outside, which you most definitely should do (seriously, wear your SPF). But sometimes, things happen. You go in the pool and forget to reapply. Or you’re running around outside all sweaty and think that SPF 20 you put on in the AM will still protect you. More »

The 10 Worst Beauty Mistakes I’ve Made

The 10 Worst Beauty Mistakes I've Made

Happy Memorial Day! I have decided this would be a good day to take a walk down an entirely personal memory lane, and really look back at every awful beauty decision I’ve ever made. Maybe it will stop you from making the same mistakes, if you’re the kind of weirdo who goes into beauty salons and makes the worst possible requests of your hairdresser. More »

Kate Moss Is The New, Uh, ‘Face’ Of St. Tropez (NSFW)

Kate Moss Is The New, Uh, 'Face' Of St. Tropez (NSFW)

Being the result of a very dark parent and a very light parent coming together, I neither burn nor tan when I am put in the sun — I just stay skim milk blue/white. As a result of these genetics, as well as living in California for several years, I have always been somewhat curious to see how I would look as a bronze lady. Unfortunately, I am terrified of sunless tanner, so I kind of gave up that dream years ago. But I am debating trying St. Tropez, which has just debuted Kate Moss as its new “face.” More »