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President Obama Talks Tattoos With Ellen, Proves He’s Not A Regular President, He’s A Cool President

President Obama Talks Tattoos With Ellen, Proves Heâs Not A Regular President, Heâs A Cool President

It was announced yesterday that President Obama would be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show via satellite today. Through the power of pre-taping, we can already watch his interview before the episode even airs on TV today. Isn’t the Internet a magical and wondrous place? It’s like predicting the future. Speaking of magical and wondrous things, let’s talk for the millionth time about Ellen’s wizardly ability to get a cool interview out of literally anyone, even the President of the United States, who’s supposed to be all serious and stuff. More »

13 Obnoxious Reactions To My Tattoos (And My Replies), In GIFs

13 Obnoxious Reactions To My Tattoos (And My Replies), In GIFs

I have tattoos on my feet, thighs, arms, back, ribcage and pelvic region, as well as one scarification piece along my left rib area. I love all of these like sentimental treasures, and I could probably go on for longer but I would bore both myself and you, so instead, I think we should just talk about the downside of tattoos: how other people react to them.

From touching to tracing to straight up insulting them, it would sure be nice if Will Smith and Urkle could just tell the critics and creeps off for me. More »

Is Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo Offensive?

Is Justin Bieber's New Tattoo Offensive?

As somebody who both has and enjoys tattoos, I try to be pretty open-minded about what other people have on their own bodies. Of course, I’m sure there are plenty of people who would think that mine are rather silly, and there are also some others that I think are more than a little, uhm, silly. So when I saw Justin Bieber’s new tattoo, my first reaction was, “Are you serious? Is this not some sort of joke?” And then I started thinking about it. More »