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Gift Guide: 10 Heart-Shaped Things You’ll Actually Like

Gift Guide: 10 Heart-Shaped Things You'll Actually Like

Every year around Valentine’s Day I say to myself, “Self, if I see another thing shaped like a heart I am going to barf!” And then I usually see fifty more things shaped like hearts, and I usually don’t barf. But if you are sick of buying chocolate shaped hearts, you might love these other slightly more original – and, for the most part, less fattening – goodies instead. More »

F*#k Face Teacup

F*#k Face Teacup

It may be a little fuzzy, but hopefully you can still tell that this is a teacup that says “Fuck Face.” What I woulnd’t give to sip tea across from my nemesis* while inconspicuously turning those simple two words in her general direction, feigning innocence and nodding in agreement to whatever she was saying.

These are available at Coco de Mer. More »