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Things You Can’t Do With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Things You Can't Do With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Everywhere you look this week you will find helpful articles designed to show you how to reuse the remaining turkey and relevant accoutrements you may have on hand after Thursday, as if Thanksgiving had never happened before (and as if you were not just going to make hot stuffing sandwiches until you ran out of gravy with which to reconstitute it). This is not a problem, necessarily; some of the articles are very good and who among us is too good for a new recipe (might I suggest this for the more literal-minded among you)? More »

7 Ways To Win Over Your Significant Other’s Family Without Losing Your Mind

7 Ways To Win Over Your Significant Other's Family Without Losing Your Mind

Tis the season to spend a long weekend in someone else’s childhood home, sandwiched between your boyfriend and his older sister, trying not to say anything about the uncle who you think is the person who keeps kicking you under the table.

And even though you wouldn’t be caught dead in this awkward situation last year, you somehow managed to acquire a significant other whose family you’re obligated to impress. So how to you win them over without sacrificing your sanity? Pass the stuffing — we’re shoveling some filial knowledge onto your plate. Here are seven simple ways to get in good with the SO’s family… More »

The True Meaning Of Thanksgiving

The True Meaning Of Thanksgiving

I just want to remind you of the spirit of the holiday, like always. Since it seemed contrived and mildly Victoria’s Secret-y to showcase a Native American for Shelved Dolls this week, and since there are no lady Pilgrims, I’m stumped on how to do that. So I’m going to let a little lady named Wednesday Addams explain the true meaning of Thanksgiving for you. Remember: these savages are our guests. It may be helpful to you in the days to come.
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