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It’s Impossible Not To Flirt With These 9 Types Of Men

It's Impossible Not To Flirt With These 9 Types Of Men

Flirting, much like shit, happens. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship, either. No matter who you are, no matter what marital status box you check, sometimes we all catch ourselves playing with our hair and smiling coyly at an irresistible man. So who are these hunks that make us easily flush? They’re everyday men in your life, and yes, Bradley Cooper. Ohh, Bradley Cooper. The only Mr. Cooper I’d like to hang with. More »

Bachelor Behind The Scenes: Women Tell All

Bachelor Behind The Scenes: Women Tell All

It’s been four months since the taping of this season of The Bachelor wrapped.

And on Friday night in a studio in Hollywood, Sean Lowe and 18 of his (rejected) women reunited to tape The Bachelor: Women Tell All episode, airing March 4 on ABC (8 p.m.).

“We should be out in 8 to 10 hours, if we’re lucky,” joked host Chris Harrison to the studio audience.

“Chris Harrison sleeps on a bed of human skin.”
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Party Favors: What Is a Vag Pad?

Party Favors: What Is a Vag Pad?

On The Bachelor, several of the girls went on a NASCAR-themed group date. The problem? One of the girls lost her fiance, a NASCAR driver, in a plane crash. Not cool. – PopWatch

The female equivalent of the penis sock worn by actors while filming sex scenes is a “vag pad.” – Crushable

“We always hated him,” “Why do you have such problems with men?,” and other things you should never say to someone who just got dumped. – The Frisky

Apparently there’s some kind of love-themed holiday coming up next month. If you want to have a date in time for said holiday, you should probably read this. – Betty Confidential

Would you ever quit your job so that you could focus on your relationship? Charlotte from Sex and the City was unavailable to comment. – YourTango

Finally: a guide to saying “No, I’m not interested in you” in as many situations as possible. – HowAboutWe More »