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The Only Breakdown Of The New Ladies On The Bachelor You’ll Ever Need

The Only Breakdown Of The New Ladies On The Bachelor You’ll Ever Need

The new season of The Bachelor starring everyone’s favorite pro soccer player and single dad Juan Pablo, 32, is coming in January, so I hope everyone is very close to the edge of their seat. It’s the first time in a while that I’ve actually agreed with the person they put in the driver’s seat, so this should be an even more fun season than normal. More »

Outer Beauty: My Size Shouldn’t Determine Who I Date

 Outer Beauty:  My Size Shouldn't Determine Who I Date

Mopeds are fun recreational vehicles that serve as an alternative to, say, riding a scooter for transportation. However, while being fun, they look a bit silly if one were to ride around in public for everyone to see. And, according to society, that’s me. A moped. Due to my figure I’ve been dubbed fun to ride, but you don’t what your buddies to see. And that’s not okay with me. More »

What Will Brad Womack’s Return Mean for ‘The Bachelor’?

What Will Brad Womack's Return Mean for 'The Bachelor'?

Brad Womack is possibly the best ‘Bachelor’ that ABC’s megahit franchise has ever had. He may not have found a bride on the show (although, to be fair, no Bachelor couple has ever gotten married), but his Kelly Taylor-esque “I Choose Me” in the finale was a moment of actual reality in an otherwise contrived reality show. He admitted that proposing to a woman he’d only known for a couple of weeks was absurd, and he refused to do it. The buzz that followed the finale of his season launched the show into a whole new stratosphere of pop culture water cooler discussion and injected new life into the stale series. When one of his unchosen prospects, DeAnna Pappas, was cast as the next Bachelorette, it led to a new series of Bachelors and Bachelorettes chosen from rejects of the previous season: DeAnna begat Jason, who begat Jillian, who begat Jake, who begat Ali. Now, a ridiculously juicy rumor is swirling that Womack will be returning to The Bachelor to try his luck finding his true love on reality TV. If it’s true, what will that mean for The Bachelor, and for the reality romance genre? More »