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The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman Backtracks, Doesn’t Actually Hate Tavi

The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman Backtracks, Doesn't Actually Hate Tavi

The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman was recently quoted bragging about how much his blog is better than Tavi’s blog and how he’s rolling in it and everyone else is lame, etc. You know, grown-up stuff. People subsequently called him out because this was absurd. Schuman now says that interview (which he gave to The Talks) was conducted over a year ago and his opinions have changed. Maybe he’s just covering for himself because the interview makes him look like a complete tool. In any case, he says he actually doesn’t have any ill will for Tavi. More »

The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman Dismisses Tavi Gevinson, Continues To Be The Worst

The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman Dismisses Tavi Gevinson, Continues To Be The Worst

Remember how Scott “The Sartorialist” Schuman appreciates “bigger girls” insofar as he talks about them like they’re furniture? No seriously, he described that one blogger’s legs as “sturdy but beautiful.” And then he backtracked and tried to say it was really a failing of language/society/something that we can’t talk about size while simultaneously congratulating himself for creating “real and important conversation”? Well, Schuman is baiting the internet yet again More »

Ready-To-Click: The Sartorialist Incites Rage (Again)

Ready-To-Click: The Sartorialist Incites Rage (Again)

Scott Schuman hates on Tavi Gevinson. -Styleite

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Franca Sozzani Hates Photoshop, Still Dislikes Bloggers, And More

Franca Sozzani Hates Photoshop, Still Dislikes Bloggers, And More

Italian Vogue EIC Franca Sozanni sat down for a conversation with WWD yesterday and topics covered included body image, Photoshop, the Sartorialist, and her relationship with Anna Wintour. Franca Sozzani is, of course, awesome and also mentioned how people that criticize her (and her occasionally provocative blog) can “go to hell.” For our readers without a WWD ‘script, here’s a few of the interview’s golden moments: More »

Party Favors: Reed Krakoff’s Wife Called Him “Master”?

Party Favors: Reed Krakoff's Wife Called Him "Master"?

Straight guys in fashion seem to like their women submissive. -XXFactor

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Ready-to-Click: Sartorialist In Hot Water Over Weighty Comments

Ready-to-Click: Sartorialist In Hot Water Over Weighty Comments

The Sartorialist is in trouble for commenting on a fashion blogger’s supposed “curviness.” -Jezebel

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