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Vice Tackles Menstruation Fashion With Startling ‘There Will Be Blood’ Photo Shoot

Vice Tackles Menstruation Fashion With Startling 'There Will Be Blood' Photo Shoot

Vice loves the chance to provoke people (occasionally with memorable results) but this time we’re 1) kind of impressed by how far they’ve gone and 2) kind of shocked no one’s done it before*. In “There Will Be Blood,” we have what looks like a typical Vice shoot–a mix of new and vintage fashions, unconventional models, unglamorous locations–and period stains. Yes, the subjects appear to be menstruating.

The editorial was shot by a woman named Emma Arvida Bystrom who–based on a rough Google translation of her blogspot–seems very interested in the representation of women in media, especially beauty ideals (and, it would seem, subverting them). On the one hand, the images show nothing more than biological function and are only shocking because we never see things like this. On the other, some just seem like gory sensationalism. More »

Jurassic Park & Other Themed Love Hotels We’d Like To Visit

Jurassic Park & Other Themed Love Hotels We'd Like To Visit

Do you know about love hotels? Did you know that in Japan you can find a sexualized version of practically all your favorite regular things? This is why the world has Hotel Jzauruss, a love hotel based on Jurassic Park, where you and a partner can get some pay-by-the-hour intercourse in amongst velocipraptors? Surprisingly, Hotel Jzauruss isn’t that literal in its decor (as you’ll see) which really alludes to the mood of the film, as opposed to just stocking the rooms with animatronic dilophosaurs wearing strap-ons (which is what we’d do). Anyway, we were inspired by this crazy, crazy idea for a love hotel and so came up with a few more where we’d one day like to check in. More »