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Famous, Awesome Royal Mistresses Throughout History

Famous, Awesome Royal Mistresses Throughout History

Yesterday, we shared an incredibly stupid comment made by an anonymous feeler of feelings on whether or not men want to marry Kate Middleton. The opinion haver said: “If I was a prince I’d marry Grace Kelly or someone just beautiful like a fucking angel and then I’d have an insanely hot and stupid sidepiece for when my class-act princess wife won’t do gross stuff.” Which boils down to, when you’re a prince, you should have a beautiful, classy princess and a hot, stupid mistress. Something something Royal Wedding. Anyway. Here’s a gallery in honor of history’s best royal sidepieces. More »

Tiger Woods’ Publicist Writes an Essay for Newsweek

Tiger Woods' Publicist Writes an Essay for Newsweek

Tiger Woods and his now ex-wife Elin Nordegren have kept press interviews regarding the end of their marriage to a relative minimum (in other words, Tiger’s not out pulling a David Arquette and telling his crying-after-sex stories on the radio). Elin did one interview in People magazine and now Tiger has ‘penned’ a first person essay for Newsweek. In the essay, titled “How I’ve Redefined Victory,” he talks about how his golf achievements pale in comparison to the everyday joys of being a parent. More »

Party Favors: You’re Under Arrest for Having Sex with My Daughter

Party Favors: You're Under Arrest for Having Sex with My Daughter

A police officer took scare tactics to the next level when he arrested his 14-year-old daughter’s 15-year-old boyfriend for having sex with her. – The Frisky

The clear signs your boyfriend is pulling a Tiger Woods … or Jesse James … or John Edwards … or Ryan Phillippe (the list goes on). – Betty Confidential

If you’re looking to lose weight, try reverse psychology on yourself and eat fat. It helps and tastes really, really good. – College Candy More »

Elin Nordegren, Divorce, and Single Motherhood

Elin Nordegren, Divorce, and Single Motherhood

It should be really easy to hate Elin Nordegren. She’s gorgeous, rich and not falling apart at all. I happen to like my celebrities to be of the trainwreck variety. We’ve been hearing for months that Nordegren went crazy when she found out about her husband’s whorish tendencies. I had great pictures in my head of an angry Barbie doll chasing her husband down the street with one of his beloved golf clubs. We all knew that she would get millions of dollars and settle down in a perfectly blissful life. That crazy lady with the nine iron – that was my kind of celebrity. But now, she’s calm and grieving, sharing her story with People magazine. I expected to flip through the interview, without really reading it, and say, “Poor, poor rich girl. It sucks to be you. Glad that’s over…”

Except if you actually read Elin’s interview, she seems like a very difficult person to dislike. More »