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6 Extremely Easy DIY ’90s Nostalgia-Themed Costumes

6 Extremely Easy DIY '90s Nostalgia-Themed Costumes

The ’90s are back–exactly like how the ’80s were back when we were ’90s kids. Weird how that happens.

Anyway, Halloween is great for super ambitious art students and all, but for the rest of us–who want to walk the fine line between not spending any money/time on a costume and not being the asshole who didn’t even bother–here are some suggestions for mind-numbingly easy DIY ’90s themed stuff. More »

Red Carpet Rundown: Live From The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet

Red Carpet Rundown: Live From The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet

It’s time once again for the greatest red carpet of all–no, not the Oscars, not the Met Gala, but the MTV Video Music Awards. And why is it the greatest? Because it replaces all the pomp and circumstance of those other red carpet spectacles with more shameless fameballing, astonishingly tacky minis, ridiculous costumes, novelty hats, ornamental canes and so forth–sometimes even capes! It’s the best of times, it is the worst of times.

This year, the ceremony’s in Brooklyn at the massive Barclay’s Center (above)–and the big draw is that almost-certainly-happening ‘NYSNC reunion. But even if they don’t break out the marionette strings, there will be plenty of other absurd outfits to enjoy.

We’ll be updating throughout the night as photos come in, so refresh early and refresh often. Tomorrow, we’ll round them up in (relatively) best and (definitively) worst lists. More »

Make-Up On My 4-Year-Old Doesn’t ‘Invite’ Pedophiles

Make-Up On My 4-Year-Old Doesnât âInviteâ Pedophiles

I can admit that I was prepared for a little internet blowback from appearing on Good Morning America to talk about allowing my daughter to wear make-up. I understood that agreeing to the interview meant opening myself up to other people’s opinions and observations. As a blogger, I welcome critiques every day.

But I have to admit that there is a vein of comments surrounding the issue of young children and make-up that I find particularly disturbing. I’m okay with people saying I’m wrong. I’m fine with someone saying that I need to re-think this decision. Those people are entitled to their opinions. I’m not okay with commenters saying, ”This is one reason why pedophiles exist.” More »