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This Woman’s Fetus Was So Beautiful, She Just Had To Enter It In A Beauty Pageant

This Woman's Fetus Was So Beautiful, She Just Had To Enter It In A Beauty Pageant

Does your fetus have what it takes to be the next Miss America? Maybe the better question is, do you want your fetus to be the next Miss America? Twenty-eight-year-old Scottish mom Amanda Collins would likely answer those questions with a resounding yes, given that she entered her unborn daughter Luna into the UK Princess and Prince International Beauty Pageant. More »

Make-Up On My 4-Year-Old Doesn’t ‘Invite’ Pedophiles

Make-Up On My 4-Year-Old Doesnât âInviteâ Pedophiles

I can admit that I was prepared for a little internet blowback from appearing on Good Morning America to talk about allowing my daughter to wear make-up. I understood that agreeing to the interview meant opening myself up to other people’s opinions and observations. As a blogger, I welcome critiques every day.

But I have to admit that there is a vein of comments surrounding the issue of young children and make-up that I find particularly disturbing. I’m okay with people saying I’m wrong. I’m fine with someone saying that I need to re-think this decision. Those people are entitled to their opinions. I’m not okay with commenters saying, ”This is one reason why pedophiles exist.” More »