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American Woman Drinks, Shops Through Turkey’s Political Upheaval

American Woman Drinks, Shops Through Turkey's Political Upheaval

As you may know, the country of Turkey is currently going through a period of unrest that may yet reach revolutionary levels. Fed up with the government’s oppressive policies, thousands of people are taking to the streets to do battle with a brutal police force as they agitate for change. A few people have died already, and hundreds more have been injured. Sounds like a perfect climate in which to get drunk and go shopping, right? More »

Illustrated Guide: How To Be A Good American Tourist In Europe

Illustrated Guide: How To Be A Good American Tourist In Europe

We recently got back from a wonderful week on vacation in Berlin*. While there, we mistakenly partook in the local drunk food specialty–currywurst!–before heading off to a nice restaurant for our last evening in the city. Sure enough, the currywurst did not agree with us and we sat there in a crowd of urbane Germans with horrible visions of throwing up all over them and their fancy restaurant. It then occurred to us: nobody wants to be that American, vomitting all over the locals! Hence, today’s Illustrated Guide is intended to aid our fellow Americans in giving a good impression while visiting those threateningly sophisticated nations known collectively as Europe. More »