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Exclusive: Hayden-Harnett’s Next Disney Collaboration Is… Pirates of the Caribbean

Exclusive: Hayden-Harnett's Next Disney Collaboration Is... Pirates of the Caribbean

Beloved Brooklyn-based handbags and accessories label Hayden-Harnett has already produced two fantastic collaborations with Walt Disney Signature: Fantasia and Tron. But the HH team–Toni Hacker and Benjamin Harnett–told TheGloss exclusively what project they’ll be re-interpreting next: the latest Pirates of the Caribbean installment, On Stranger Tides. Here’s the first peak at the collection anywhere, with another image (of one of the amazing scarves!) after the jump. More »

Talking With Hayden-Harnett: On ‘Fantasia,’ Celeb Designers & the ‘Snood’

Talking With Hayden-Harnett: On 'Fantasia,' Celeb Designers & the 'Snood'

Last week TheGloss had the pleasure of crashing Hayden-Harnett’s north Brooklyn store/workshop as they geared up for their huge KAPOW sale (the last day of which is today!) while having just launched their latest collection, a line of bags and accessories inspired by Disney’s Fantasia. We chatted with them about the film, the collection, celeb designers, and a certain medieval garment.
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Ready-to-Click: Kim Kardashian Will Show Up to Anything

Ready-to-Click: Kim Kardashian Will Show Up to Anything

Lessons in dignity: Kim Kardashain celebrates the opening of… a restroom. -The Superficial

See the re-released Kate Middleton-designed necklace. -Harper’s Bazaar

Olivia Wilde wore a truly bizarre necklace to promote Tron: Legacy. -The Cut

Emma Watson, not down with celeb fragrance lines. -Coco Perez

Franca Sozzani talks diversity, Kate Moss talks photography, Irina Shayk talks legal action and More »

The 10 Most Insane Pieces from Disney’s TRON Collection

The 10 Most Insane Pieces from Disney's TRON Collection

Disney is celebrating the upcoming release of TRON: Legacy by commissioning some designers to create a lavish TRON-inspired collection of gadgets, apparel and accessories. This is funny for a couple reasons: 1) probably no one loves TRON enough to dress in TRON-inspired garb on any day excepting Halloween, 2) the only people I know who love TRON enough to even consider buying this stuff are nerds and, historically, nerds–especially science fiction nerds–wouldn’t drop $500 on fine leather handbags. But no matter! Up ahead is a slide show of the most baffling pieces birthed by the Disney collaboration. More »