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Where Are All The Asian People In TV And Movies?

Where Are All The Asian People In TV And Movies?

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I grew up in California, which means I grew up in the state with the highest Asian-American population in the entire country. Asian people have never been a rare or shocking sight in my everyday life, so why is it so surprising to see Asian people in Western movies and TV shows? I mean, if you were to use the media as your guide to life, you’d assume that there are only a handful of Asian people on the planet because you never see them on screen. But there are plenty of Asian actors and actresses trying to make their way into the industry…so where are they? More »

R.I.P Good TV: A Moving Video Tribute To All The Good Shows We’ve Lost This Year

R.I.P Good TV: A Moving Video Tribute To All The Good Shows Weâve Lost This Year

As we move further and further into the 2013 pilot season, it’s becoming increasingly clear that things look pretty bleak in the TV landscape. DadsBrooklyn Nine-NineWelcome to the Family – nothing we’ve seen so far seems like something we’d ever want to watch again. While this is a familiar feeling during every pilot season, it’s especially hard for us this season due to everything we’ve lost in the past 12 months. More »

Become Our Facebook Fan, Enter To Win A $150 Charlie’s Angels Beauty Gift Bag

Become Our Facebook Fan, Enter To Win A $150 Charlie's Angels Beauty Gift Bag

Everyone deserves a second chance, right? That’s how a Park Avenue princess who became a thief, a cop who fell from grace and a street car racer with a mysterious past get together in this exciting and racy remake of the 1970s classic Charlie’s Angels, which premieres on ABC on Thursday, September 22 at 8/7c. Miami-based detectives Abby (Rachael Taylor), Kate (Annie Ilonzeh) and Eve (Minka Kelly) are no saints. They’re angels…Charlie’s Angels. And despite all the action, these ladies always look hot as hell. That’s why we’re offering one lucky fan of TheGloss on Facebook a Charlie’s Angels-themed beauty gift bag, filled with $150 worth of nail, face and hair products from Sephora. That will certainly help you discover your inner Angel — right? Read on to find out how to enter to win. More »

What TV Show Do You Want On Your Nails (Anything But This One)

What TV Show Do You Want On Your Nails (Anything But This One)

Look, please, if you’re going to paint your nails, don’t paint them with the SpongeBob logo. Why? A) Because you’re a grown woman and B) Because SpongeBob is freaking frightening. I’m not saying that in a “hahahaha, I live in Williamsburg and am acutely sensitive to things” way. I live in not-Brooklyn and have the heart of a robot-ox. But that show is just about, I don’t know, the winds of solitude roaring at the edges of infinity. Underwater infinity.

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Gallery: TV’s Best Fictional Workplaces

Gallery: TV's Best Fictional Workplaces

Why does everything always look more glamorous on TV? High school, high school parties, college, college parties… your actual experience of these things was probably way less pretty than on TV. Another thing that looks way better on TV: the workplace. Why do workplaces on TV have attractive, witty people when your workplace doesn’t? Here are our picks of the best fictional workplaces on television. More »