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20 Fashion Superstars Who Can’t Stop Taking Selfies

20 Fashion Superstars Who Can't Stop Taking Selfies

Everyone has that insufferable friend on Instagram who’s constantly posting photos of himself or herself, often with a million hashtags, always with a pout. Occasionally, the selfie is ostensibly about something else–maybe “hair” like Miley Cyrus below–other times, they’re just pure, unadulterated vanity presented without apology or explanation. Oh, and sometimes that obnoxious Instagram person you follow just so happens to be famous.

Here are 20 fashion industry luminaries who love their own reflection and the various ways in which that manifests. More »

20 Models Turned Singers–From The Very Bad To The Surprisingly Okay

20 Models Turned Singers--From The Very Bad To The Surprisingly Okay

Earlier this week, we learned that Gisele Bundchen had recorded a very-not-great cover of a perfect song, “All Day & All of the Night” by The Kinks–we then promptly learned it was a charity single, each download of which benefitted UNICEF and we felt really bad about hating it (just not enough to stop). And two weeks before that? Ubiquitous Brit Cara Delevingne revealed that she can sing, in addition to model and make funny faces.

However, listening to Bundchen’s cover got us thinking: while there have been several high profile attempts by models to become singers (and actresses), how many would we characterize as successful? The answer: not a lot. More »

Tyra Banks Does The Makeup-Free Twitpic Wrong

Tyra Banks Does The Makeup-Free Twitpic Wrong

As Joel McHale likes to say on The Soup, we did not alter this image in any way. That is indeed Tyra Banks, supermodel and America’s Next Top Model judge. In fact, it’s nothing but Tyra: She brags about not relying on makeup or a weave as she joins the ranks of female celebrities baring all on Twitter. Except, whereas usually makeup-free twitpics make us feel closer to the stars in question, we’re kinda terrified because Tyra legitimately looks like an alien here. More »

Red Carpet Rundown: The Many Fashion Non-Disasters Of The Glamour Woman Of The Year Awards

Red Carpet Rundown: The Many Fashion Non-Disasters Of The Glamour Woman Of The Year Awards

Earlier today, Ashley told you about the many fashion disasters that occurred at the Twilight premiere, and you laughed and laughed at Kristen Stewart for showing us her underpants. The good news is that some people do know how to dress themselves (or at least hire a decent stylist), and they were all at the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards. Let’s look at the pretty dresses and try to ignore the fact that they gave Lena Dunham something called the “Voice Of A Generation” award, which she presumably accepted instead of saying “that’s something my character said about herself while she was on drugs, guys. I would never sincerely say that about myself.” More »