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Why You’re Being Fired

Why You're Being Fired

The termination of a dental assistant in Iowa has been upheld in a ruling by the state’s Supreme Court. After more than ten years’ employment at James Knight’s dental practice, Melissa Nelson has been let go “because her boss and his wife felt [she] was a threat to their marriage.”

This sets an interesting precedent! What other reasons can you get fired for in Iowa now, do you think? More »

Party Favors: Cats Are Gross

Party Favors: Cats Are Gross

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If Your Boyfriend Won’t Get a Job, Call 911 On Him

If Your Boyfriend Won't Get a Job, Call 911 On Him

Is your boyfriend or husband sitting around in the basement smoking weed and playing video games all day while you go to work? If you’re too much of a wuss to break up with him already, there is one way to get back at him: call 911 to complain about him. Since possession of pot is illegal in most places that aren’t California, you can get him arrested, thus resulting in him spending time on a prison bench instead of your couch. More »