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We Talked To The Creator Of Vag Magazine

We Talked To The Creator Of Vag Magazine

And it was awesome.

No follow-up, just wanted to let you know.

Oh, fine. In case you aren’t already watching it, Vag Magazine is a hilarious web comedy that parodies some third wave feminist ideas (feminists skirts all incorporate anchor imagery!). It’s set at a magazine that sounds a lot like Bust where the staff is comprised of a roller derby champion,a perpetually smiling intern and a disaffected former Jane employee, as well as many others. We checked in with one of the show’s creators, Leila Cohan-Miccio, for insights into the nature of feminism and the magazine world. And spoilers. Mostly, just spoilers: More »

New Web Series, “Vag Magazine,” Pokes Fun at Third-Wavers

New Web Series, "Vag Magazine," Pokes Fun at Third-Wavers

We were tipped off to this video by Broadsheet, where writer Tracy Clark-Flory says that she: “laughed — and hard — when I saw the previews for a new Web comedy series that pokes fun at third-wave feminist hipsters like myself.”

The video is a teaser for a new web series called “Vag Magazine,” in which a group of young feminists have purchased a fashion magazine with the money they made from selling reusable maxipads on Etsy More »