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Jumpsuit Showdown: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sleek Black Vs. Vanessa Hudgens’ Sparkly Cream

Jumpsuit Showdown: Sarah Jessica Parker's Sleek Black Vs. Vanessa Hudgens' Sparkly Cream

I am an unabashed fan of (almost) all things one-piece. From jumpsuits at work to strange backward rompers to simple black and white pieces, I think combining your top and bottom into one garment can look really wonderful. Last night, both Sarah Jessica Parker and Vanessa Hudgens opted for evening jumpsuits on the red carpet. Both looked great, in my opinion, but whose worked best? More »

Like, Peace! The Worst Coachella Fashion Disasters, Week One

Like, Peace! The Worst Coachella Fashion Disasters, Week One

Ah, Coachella, a time for (particularly) clueless rich people to dress up like their idea of a ’60s bohemian and enjoy the latest major label chart-topping tunes from the comfort of cushy VIP pens.

Normally, we have a hard line about not making fun of off-duty (non red carpet) famous people, but most of these press-hungry jackasses relish Coachella as an opportunity to wear their cool poor person costume: a floppy hat, short shorts, shitloads of fringe, a leather headband, a $2000 handbag and–the best accessory–a big, dumb peace sign. More »