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Poll: Was Venus Williams’ Wimbeldon Playsuit Really That Bad?

Poll: Was Venus Williams' Wimbeldon Playsuit Really That Bad?

No Venus! blasts The Daily Mail, calling Venus Williams’ Wimbeldon look “ghastly” and a “fashion disaster” all in one exceptionally wordy headline. Not that the Mail‘s writers are ever arbiters of reasonableness (or good taste), but apparently Venus is taking a lot of criticism for her outfit on the court. Now, it may not move terrifically (see left) and it’s not the most flattering romper I’ve ever seen but frankly: the woman is a professional athlete. If she can play tennis in it, doesn’t the outfit satisfy its purpose? More »

Ready-to-Click: Venus Williams’ Spectacular Fashion Fail

Ready-to-Click: Venus Williams' Spectacular Fashion Fail

Venus Williams in the worst outfit ever to grace a tennis court. -Daily Mail

Oscar de la Renta was not down with Michelle Obama’s Alexander McQueen gown. -WWD

Patrick Mohr glued his models’ mouths shut and bleached their eyebrows. -Fashion Indie

Golden Globes beauty: get… Justin Bieber’s… dewy look? -Fashionista

Nike x Steven Alan is cool sporty minimalism. -Racked

Man beauty at Rick Owens, Freja Beha’s ubiquity, Lacroix’s comeback and More »

What Was the Top Fashion Moment of 2010?

What Was the Top Fashion Moment of 2010?

2010 isn’t quite over yet, but it’s never too soon for a year-in-review roundup. Time magazine has chosen its top ten fashion moments of the year. Some of them make total sense – Lady Gaga’s meat dress was a huge cultural flashpoint that everyone from butchers to stylists had an opinion about; Heidi Klum’s choice of wearing a dress by Project Runway runner-up Mondo Guerra was a giant “fuck you” to her fellow judges – but some of them are just weird outfits that didn’t make a statement or have a purpose. Which of these ten – if any – would you say was the biggest fashion moment of the year? More »