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7 Sexy Vibrators Based On The Seven Deadly Sins

7 Sexy Vibrators Based On The Seven Deadly Sins

I’m not religious, but I’ve heard that masturbation is a sin. As long as we’re partaking in the shameful and guilt inducing sexual act of genital pleasure, we might as well make it work with our other damning personality defects. We’re all going to Hell together; let’s embrace this whole sin thing and choose vibrators that compliment each of the Seven Deadly Sins. More »

15 Of The Cutest Vibrators You’ve Ever Seen

15 Of The Cutest Vibrators Youâve Ever Seen

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We are obviously pro-masturbation here at Gurl, so of course, we’re pro-vibrators too. Why wouldn’t we be? Exploring your own sexuality is important and masturbation is a completely safe and healthy way to do that. And if you’re not sure what to do with your fingers or you just want to spice things up, a vibrator is definitely something you need to own. More »