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Victoria Beckham Owns Flat Shoes

Victoria Beckham Owns Flat Shoes

I know what you are saying to yourself. You’re saying, “What kind of lies have you worked into that headline, Jennifer? Next you will be telling me that Pluto is not a planet.” But no, friends, unlike Science, I would not lie to you! Victoria Beckham owns flat shoes. There’s a picture and everything. More »

Donatella Versace Proclaims “I’m Not Like This Genetically,” World Reels From Fallout

Donatella Versace Proclaims "I'm Not Like This Genetically," World Reels From Fallout

Large congregations of fashion industry types can often result in moments of pure, elevated, frequently delightful obliviousness. Unfortunately, this weekend’s British Vogue Festival seemed like a pretty staid affair–Victoria Beckham‘s soundbite about her naked design process was as scintillating as things got.

Then along came Donatella Versace. More »

Do You Hate Victoria Beckham?

Do You Hate Victoria Beckham?

Hey! Turns out people hate Victoria Beckham. Huffington Post created a list of the most hated people in fashion. Most of them won’t surprise you – Anna Wintour is often thought to be the Devil, John Galliano is indeed anti-Semitic, Oliva Palermo got famous mostly for being on a TV show, and so forth. But the addition of Victoria Beckham did surprise me (in the number two slot, just below Anna Wintour, no less). More »

Gallery: Victoria Beckham’s Ten Most Awkward Teen Modeling Photos

Gallery: Victoria Beckham's Ten Most Awkward Teen Modeling Photos

Everyone was awkward and cheesy in the ’90s, even perfect fashion sparkle person Victoria Beckham. We know this because of her mid-late ’90s body of work with The Spice Girls, but did you know that Victoria Beckham (née Adams) was alive in the early ’90s, as well? Retronaut recently unearthed a whole bunch of glamor shots from 1992, when she was but an 18-year-old aspiring model and dancer. Here are the ten best (i.e. funniest) ones. More »