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Judging The Things Victoria’s Secret Models Have Said About Their Diets

Judging The Things Victoriaâs Secret Models Have Said About Their Diets

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs tomorrow! The lingerie and prop-wing spectacular is supposed to be about lingerie, but it tends to be about celebrity and hot bods. Year after year after year, the media asks the participating models about how they prepare their famous bodies for the night of a million sequins. The Angels tend to respond to questions about their diet and fitness regimens either by being brutally honest and saying it’s very hard work, or claiming they don’t really have to do anything. No matter what, their answers are awfully easy to judge. It’s easy to be frustrated with celebrities who have no choice but to talk about their bodies all the time. More »

7 Supermodels With Notoriously Bad Attitudes

7 Supermodels With Notoriously Bad Attitudes

Earlier today, fashion photographer Bruce Weber revealed that the only model he’s ever kicked off set was (his now-friend) Cindy Crawford–the two were working on a Revlon shoot back in the day and apparently the young supermodel was so rude to the crew that Weber lost his temper and sent her home. Crawford in her ’90s heyday could get away with just about anything, though, so the ejection probably came as a cruel surprise.

Of course, this one little anecdote doesn’t qualify Crawford for the pantheon of models with legendarily bad attitudes–the phone-throwing, trash-talking, always late to everything supermodels like the ones below. More »