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‘Jersey Shore’ Vocabulary Lesson for Tonight’s Season Finale

'Jersey Shore' Vocabulary Lesson for Tonight's Season Finale

In case you didn’t know, some of us at TheGloss are pretty much obsessed with the Jersey Shore. In case you also didn’t know, the season two finale is tomorrow night and we’re pretty stoked. And by pretty stoked I mean, we’ve been talking about it in the office like … a lot. If there’s one thing about season finale’s it’s that it brings people together. So tomorrow night, when you realize that the whole city is quiet between the hours of 10 and 11 p.m., it’s because you’re a sinner and don’t watch the Jersey Shore. So since you’re going to find yourself at someone’s house watching this magical show regardless if you’re a fan or not, I’m going to save you from humiliation and give you some key glossary terms. And afterwards, you will thank me because you will forever be enlightened and enriched with the culture that is guido. More »

Party Favors: Now You Can Have Your Very Own ‘Watermelon In Your Pinhole’

Party Favors: Now You Can Have Your Very Own 'Watermelon In Your Pinhole'

Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino was offered $30,000 to make a cast of his penis. – The Hollywood Gossip

This female writer decides to investigate the “Happy Ending” massage. – YourTango

Would you give your boyfriend a “night off” to sleep with another woman? – Lemondrop

Introducing the second least romantic gesture after the prenup: divorce insurance. – My Fox Tampa Bay More »

Exclusive: Vinny from ‘Jersey Shore’ Was Not Always So Hot

Exclusive: Vinny from 'Jersey Shore' Was Not Always So Hot

I’ve made no secret of my crush on Vinny from Jersey Shore. However, a tipster sent us this photo from Vinny from back in his college days, when he wasn’t quite the tattooed studmuffin he is now. Before he was being ushered to the front of the line at clubs in South Beach, Vinny Guadagnino was slumming it in the dorms at the State University of New York at New Paltz, in upstate New York. More »

Gallery: The MTV Video Music Awards, As Seen Through The Eyes of a Non-Professional Photographer

Gallery: The MTV Video Music Awards, As Seen Through The Eyes of a Non-Professional Photographer

The MTV Video Music Awards last night were a whirlwind. No, literally. The white carpet was like a wind tunnel — hair was getting blown this way and that, and most celebs shuffled down the press line with goosebumps, clutching their clutches tightly to their bodies as if they alone would hold in their body heat.

But we were troopers, and despite the fact that we are not necessarily the best photographers in the world, we got some good action shots and found out some serious scoop on our favorite reality stars. The theme of the evening was black and gold, so you’ll note that anyone starring in an MTV show is rocking the combination. Some of our favorite dish from the evening: More »

5 Reasons Why ‘Jersey Shore’ Is the Best Thing On Television

5 Reasons Why 'Jersey Shore' Is the Best Thing On Television

I’m obsessed with Jersey Shore. I love bad TV, but Jersey Shore has gone from bad TV to extraordinary TV. I don’t know if the second season will be as good as the first, but here are a couple of reasons why this is my favorite show on TV right now.

•It’s hilarious. Plain and simple. Angelina wearing a black dress and Pauly cracking jokes about how last year she lugged all her stuff in trash bags since she didn’t have suitcases? Brilliant. Pretty much everything out of Snooki’s mouth? Funny. The best part is that many of the funny lines are things they just say casually and don’t even laugh at. Last season, when Pauly was trying to break things off with an Israeli girl who couldn’t take a hint, he yelled “You stalked my entire life!” It wasn’t supposed to be a joke, and that made it even funnier. Even mundane scenes are entertaining – Pauly and JWoww had an entire conversation about sales tax, and I was riveted. I don’t even know if Mad Men could pull that off. More »