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Gallery: New Tumblr ‘Rich Kids Of Instagram’ Hastens The Coming Class War

Gallery: New Tumblr 'Rich Kids Of Instagram' Hastens The Coming Class War

Hey there! You, in the non-designer potato sack, eating beans out of a can that you have warmed up over a fire made from the un-opened collection notices that arrive at your hovel daily. Need some inspiration to finally take your grievances to the streets? Look no further than “Rich Kids Of Instagram,” a tumblr created to collect all the most egregious examples of conspicuous consumption porn posted on the internet. How bad is it? Let’s take a look. More »

Daphne Guiness Wants You To Know She’s Had No Money

Daphne Guiness Wants You To Know She's Had No Money

Are you familiar with the phrase “tumbril remark?”

It’s a great phrase. Tumbrils were used to carry French Aristocrats to the guillotine and tumbril remarks refer to things the entitled aristocrats said that made the peasants feel like they were completely justified in killing them. “Let them eat cake” is usually the example cited. Speaking of, how about that Daphne Guinness! Let’s look at her remark in The New Yorker: More »

Lay Some Gold Bricks

Lay Some Gold Bricks

Everybody poops, but some people poop better than others. Who? The people who take this pill which is guaranteed to turn your “innermost parts into chambers of wealth.” For only $425! There’s probably a philosophical point to be made about modern man trying to become Midas from the inside out, but I just want to think about how gold poo would look in the toilet. It would look kind of cool, and kind of creepy. Sign us up to begin defecating Scrooge McDuck style.- Consumerist More »