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Say Yes To The Mess: I’m So Glad I Didn’t Marry Billy Crystal

Say Yes To The Mess: I'm So Glad I Didn't Marry Billy Crystal

I always cry at weddings. So it makes sense that I would cry so much at my own. I got married on October 8 (that is still so strange to type), and I started tearing up almost immediately upon entering the church. I cried during my entire walk down the aisle, and through half of our ceremony. And then when I took photos with my grandmother and during my dad’s speech. (They were tears of joy, I promise!) But that was just on the wedding day.

I’m an easy crier. But I surprised even myself with the number of times I teared up in the week leading up to the wedding. And even I couldn’t believe it when Billy Crystal made me cry.

It was two nights before the wedding, and I was watching When Harry Met Sally (for the second time that night.) I think the TNT movie channel was created for women working on mindless crafting projects. I was cutting and wrapping and organizing things for the weekend and half paying attention to the screen. But the second time I watched that scene where Harry professes his love to Sally, I started to cry and couldn’t stop.

In this case, I suddenly realized that I wasn’t marrying someone like Harry. And it made me absurdly happy. More »