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9 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You’re A Fancy Wine Connoisseur

9 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking Youâre A Fancy Wine Connoisseur

Have you ever encountered a major wine snob? If you’re the kind of person who enjoys wine because it tastes and feels good, but you don’t make it some big to-do, those who get precious about fermented grape juice might make you want to roll your eyes until it hurts. In fact, they can make you want to just chug all the wine or just pour the bottle out on your body like you’re at some cult of Dionysus drunken orgy. It’s okay to make wine a hobby, but it’s not entirely appropriate to whip out your knowledge with people who just want to drink it. More »

Pregnant Lara Stone’s Head Is On A Platter (NSFW)

Pregnant Lara Stone's Head Is On A Platter (NSFW)

For i-D magazine’s Q&A issue, photographer Tyrone Lebon and fashion director Charlotte Stockdale shot five covers. However, the shoot involving Lara Stone has caught everybody’s eye, as she’s not only six months pregnant in the pictures, she also has her head on a platter. A fruit platter, specifically, which doesn’t really change the fact that her head’s on a plate of food. Despite loving the colors, I still find it…unnerving. More »

What Red Wine Can Do

What Red Wine Can Do

Red wine can definitely fight the effects of aging.

Red wine will clear up your acne, but it will replace the acne with migraines.

Red wine will enable you to “have it all” but it will give your children autism. If your children already have autism, it will give them a peanut allergy. If your children already have a peanut allergy, it will turn them into human-sized dragonflies.

Red wine is the winning taste in the 2013 Do Us a Flavor Lay’s Potato Chip flavor contest. More »

Ready-To-Click: The Other Hugely Successful McQueen Exhibit

Ready-To-Click: The Other Hugely Successful McQueen Exhibit

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