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Welcome To Ironside Fitness

Welcome To Ironside Fitness


Assorted WOMEN in workout clothes climb stepping machines in the background. A LUNKHEAD benches carefully in the free weights area. A class of PILATES ENTHUSIASTS unrolls their mats as a smiling YOUNG WOMAN steps into view and addresses the camera.

Welcome to Ironside Fitness.

She walks past a middle-aged woman concentrating on a set of lat pulldowns and gives her a high-five. More »

Ready-To-Click: Back In Denim

Ready-To-Click: Back In Denim

Although the phrase “white jeans” rings fear in our hearts, it can be done. -The Budget Babe

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Ready-To-Click: Life After The O.C.

Ready-To-Click: Life After The O.C.

In addition to hawking Magnum ice cream with Karl Lagerfeld, Rachel Bilson does this. -Styleite

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Hedi Montag Claims She Works Out 14 Hours A Day

Hedi Montag Claims She Works Out 14 Hours A Day

If you look back over the past year or so and reflect, you may realize the tranquility you’ve felt had everything to do with recent memory being largely Heidi Montag-free. That’s because Montag and her breasts were recovering from their many trasparently press-baiting cosmetic procedures. However, we’re about to return to a dark time: the reality star tabloid cover head is planning to reenter the public stage. To prepare, she’s working out 14 hours a day. Or she’s a liar. One of those. More »