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The Gloss Seeks Kickass Interns

The Gloss Seeks Kickass Interns

Are you a college student or recent grad in the New York area? Do you like fashion, beauty, and the occasional bad reality show? The Gloss is seeking editorial interns for the spring semester (January – May). Job duties will include writing posts, researching stories, event coverage, and some office admin work. The ideal candidate will be flexible, easygoing, and a pop-culture junkie. Being able to quote entire Karl Lagerfeld interviews is a bonus. More »

Bullish: How to Build a Modern Woman’s Hope Chest Without Looking Like an Insane Harpy

Bullish: How to Build a Modern Woman's Hope Chest Without Looking Like an Insane Harpy

I learned from Bust magazine sometime in the last couple of years that, in the 1950s, young women who hoped to one day get married would register, through ads in the backs of magazines, with companies that made different patterns of silverware. They’d sign up for a particular pattern and hope to receive forks, spoons, and knives for their various birthdays, until they had collected the whole set. As a token of having committed to forward-thinking silverware collecting, the company would send them a tiny pin — as in, a brooch that is a spoon. You wear it on your clothes. To announce to the whole world that you are collecting silverware for your future marriage. More »

If You’re Pro-Union, You Might Want to Stop Watching ‘The Biggest Loser’

If You're Pro-Union, You Might Want to Stop Watching 'The Biggest Loser'

Hit NBC show The Biggest Loser usually relies on weigh-ins and team infighting to get its drama. However, during the past few weeks there has been as much drama offscreen as on. The show’s crew members attempted to unionize and have gone on strike. Rather than try to negotiate with the crew, the show’s producers have hired non-union (known as “scab”) workers to keep the show going. What exactly does this mean? Deadline Hollywood breaks it down: More »

Bullish: Is It Better to Rule Through Love or Fear?

Bullish: Is It Better to Rule Through Love or Fear?

Is it better to rule through love or fear? Machiavelli always gets a bad rap (much like Draco and Procrustes). In The Prince, however, Machiavelli didn’t actually suggest that ruling through fear was the superior method; he said that a ruling through a combination of love and fear was best, but if you had to pick one, fear is safer.

Of course, none of us are actually ruling a Florentine principality during the Renaissance, but I naturally recalled my tenth grade reading assignment when a fellow committee member for a conference I am planning told me that a few other committee members were scared of me (or, at least, scared of messing up around me). That’s … interesting. I mean, I’m not scary. I’m Ashlee Simpson-sized. I wear a lot of Ann Taylor. I like babies and pets. More »

Gallery: TV’s Best Fictional Workplaces

Gallery: TV's Best Fictional Workplaces

Why does everything always look more glamorous on TV? High school, high school parties, college, college parties… your actual experience of these things was probably way less pretty than on TV. Another thing that looks way better on TV: the workplace. Why do workplaces on TV have attractive, witty people when your workplace doesn’t? Here are our picks of the best fictional workplaces on television. More »

Why I Would Never Marry My Boss

Why I Would Never Marry My Boss

I’m going to admit that I was pretty disappointed with Don Draper’s actions in the season finale of Mad Men. To quote Christina Hendricks’ character Joan: “he thinks he’s the first person to marry his secretary.” Yeah, novel idea there, Draper. I try not to get emotionally attached to shows or characters, because as my mom has been telling me since I was a kid: “It’s just TV, Amanda, calm down,” but Mad Men has firmly secured itself in the forefront of my thought process. While all of us at The Gloss have our particular obsessions with shows, or in some cases, whole stations, (yes, I’m talking to you Lilit and Jennifer), I’m pretty much living a What Would Don Draper Do? lifestyle over here. In fact, I’m thinking about having bracelets made. Don Draper would apparently dump his educated, sophisticated, girlfriend who was there for him when shit fell apart for his 25-year-old secretary. Yeah, Megan is kind of hot, she can speak French, and I’d probably do her, but marry her? Come on. More »

If Your Boyfriend Won’t Get a Job, Call 911 On Him

If Your Boyfriend Won't Get a Job, Call 911 On Him

Is your boyfriend or husband sitting around in the basement smoking weed and playing video games all day while you go to work? If you’re too much of a wuss to break up with him already, there is one way to get back at him: call 911 to complain about him. Since possession of pot is illegal in most places that aren’t California, you can get him arrested, thus resulting in him spending time on a prison bench instead of your couch. More »