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Can Men Write About Sex Without Sounding Like Douchebags?

Can Men Write About Sex Without Sounding Like Douchebags?

So it’s no secret around these parts that I (and all of us at The Gloss, really) like to read and write about sex. I find it an interesting subject for a variety of reasons: it can help us understand ourselves and each other, it’s often horrifying and/or funny, there is still a taboo around talking about it, you never really stop learning about sex, it can be empowering to tell your own story, I like reading other people’s personal shit…I could go on. But one thing I’ve noticed about most of the sex writing I’ve been reading these days is that the conversation seems to be dominated by people inhabiting queer and/or feminized bodies, i.e. everyone but straight, cisgender men. Why is that? More »

What’s So Bad About ‘Oversharing’, Anyway?

What's So Bad About 'Oversharing', Anyway?

There’s been a lot of noise made of late about all the “oversharing” young people (especially young writers) are doing these days, and how it’s bad and scary. The idea goes, I guess, that if the content of a story is inspired by one’s own life, that story loses validity as a work of fiction (why? It just does!), and by the way, does your mother know what you’ve been up to? I’m here to tell you why this idea is intellectually baseless, and also that I will not get off your lawn. More »