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News For Bitches: We’re All About To Get Timberlanded in 5…4…3…

News For Bitches: We're All About To Get Timberlanded in 5...4...3...

Questions that will be answered this week by your all-knowing host:
- Why will the new Justin Timberlake album likely raise birth rates?
- What’s the real problem we need Lululemon to start fixing for us?
- Which disease has Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens caught — one that he shares with Hugh Jackman, Tom Hanks and Christian Bale?
- Who is Instagramming her weird bloody face? More »

Etsy Round-Up: Yoga Pants

Etsy Round-Up: Yoga Pants

New yoga pants are essential for a couple of new year’s resolutions. Get in shape. Try a new fitness routine. Don’t show up to yoga in your ten-year-old sweats again. And so the instructor can pick you out in the sea of lululemon, here are some unique Etsy yoga pants. More »

Trecento Women’s Yoga Pant

Trecento Women's Yoga Pant

And there’s nothing quite as comfortable as yoga pants. You have to love drawstring waistbands. Anyone into Yoga?? I just can’t sit still long enough?? Any suggestions? But I do like the clothes!! Yoga Pants *Part of Fashion Friday