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Why Yoga Pants Are The Most Important Piece Of Clothing You Own

Why Yoga Pants Are The Most Important Piece Of Clothing You Own

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In the last few months, I’ve heard a lot of annoying things about yoga pants, namely the complaint that yoga pants are “distracting” and women shouldn’t be allowed to wear them everywhere. Unless your yoga pants are sheer and everyone can see straight through them, I will always stand by this: yoga pants are the best. Period, end of story. I don’t care if you think they’re “distracting” to boys who don’t know how to control themselves, I don’t care if you think a pair of tight sweatpants are too sexy (honestly, you sound kind of boring right now), and I don’t care if you think only a certain type of girl should wear them. More »

News For Bitches: We’re All About To Get Timberlanded in 5…4…3…

News For Bitches: We're All About To Get Timberlanded in 5...4...3...

Questions that will be answered this week by your all-knowing host:
- Why will the new Justin Timberlake album likely raise birth rates?
- What’s the real problem we need Lululemon to start fixing for us?
- Which disease has Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens caught — one that he shares with Hugh Jackman, Tom Hanks and Christian Bale?
- Who is Instagramming her weird bloody face? More »

Etsy Round-Up: Yoga Pants

Etsy Round-Up: Yoga Pants

New yoga pants are essential for a couple of new year’s resolutions. Get in shape. Try a new fitness routine. Don’t show up to yoga in your ten-year-old sweats again. And so the instructor can pick you out in the sea of lululemon, here are some unique Etsy yoga pants. More »

Trecento Women’s Yoga Pant

Trecento Women's Yoga Pant

And there’s nothing quite as comfortable as yoga pants. You have to love drawstring waistbands. Anyone into Yoga?? I just can’t sit still long enough?? Any suggestions? But I do like the clothes!! Yoga Pants *Part of Fashion Friday