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Yoga Is Going To Save Your Brain

Yoga Is Going To Save Your Brain

Do you vaguely dislike yoga? Do you feel weird about trying to bend your body into pretzel positions in front of strangers? Do the clothes all bunch up in ways that are vaguely uncomfortable? Is there always one guy in the class who keeps grunting in a way that feels strangely pointed? Well, that’s too bad, because it’s either that or fail every test you’re ever exposed to, because yoga is going to save your brain. More »

News For Bitches: We’re All About To Get Timberlanded in 5…4…3…

News For Bitches: We're All About To Get Timberlanded in 5...4...3...

Questions that will be answered this week by your all-knowing host:
- Why will the new Justin Timberlake album likely raise birth rates?
- What’s the real problem we need Lululemon to start fixing for us?
- Which disease has Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens caught — one that he shares with Hugh Jackman, Tom Hanks and Christian Bale?
- Who is Instagramming her weird bloody face? More »