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AM News: Your Hairstylist Is Your New Best Friend

AM News: Your Hairstylist Is Your New Best Friend

We get it. Your hairstylist is your new best friend. -The Frisky

Zach Galifianakis looks… svelte and polished? -Newser

Leonardo DiCaprio looks exactly like this grumpy cat. -Bustle

Google glass addiction. It’s a real thing folks. -The Frisky

Chris Brown actually thinks that Ebola is a “form of population control.” -Newser

The 21 different people you pretend to be on Instagram. -Bustle

Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf’s best one-liners. -The Frisky

What’s wrong with this Nasty Gal leather du-rag? -Bustle
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“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Isn’t About Date Rape!

"Baby It's Cold Outside" Isn't About Date Rape!

Normally, EIC Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff would debate this important question about the holiday, but Ashley Cardiff is gone. Who knows where. Who knows why. (On holiday in Europe. Because of vacation days). Fortunately, Samantha Escobar was in the office this week. Watch her and Jennifer desperately try to convince themselves – and you – that “Baby It’s Cold Outside” isn’t a totally creepy song. More »