Content Team

Samantha Escobar (Fashion & Beauty Editor) has been writing for The Gloss since August 2012. She’s also contributed to YourTango, HuffPo Live, Puttenham Limited and Lovelyish, as well as our sister sites Blisstree and Crushable. After being a makeup artist for several years, she now enjoys sitting at a computer and typing her thoughts in sweatpants rather than touching people’s faces.

Elizabeth Licata (Contributing Editor) was born in Chicago and studied costume design and art history at Dartmouth and Stanford. She lives in Germany but still thinks of herself as a New York-based writer and she puts avocado on absolutely everything.

Julia Sonenshein (Contributing Editor) is a Brooklyn-based writer who enjoys sensual pursuits.

Hayley Hoover (Contributing Editor) is a writer based in Cleveland. She produces video content for My Damn Channel, Gurl, and her personal YouTube channel, hayleyghoover. Likes: burritos, running, nail polish, her cat. Dislikes: John Mayer.

Mandie Williams (Contributing Editor) is an Oklahoma ex-pat writer and derby girl. She enjoys taking notes on cocktail napkins, pink lipstick, old paperbacks, and questionably short shorts.

Eve Vawter (Contributing Editor) has written for XoJane, Hello Giggles, Shew, Story Mag and numerous other print and online publications. She is currently the associate editor of Mommyish, and when she isn’t wrangling her four children she is making out with her husband, collecting shoes, debating on whether or not she is too old for glitter nail polish and obsessing over pop culture. She is amazingly jealous of Samantha Escobar’s hair.

Cathryn (Contributing Editor) is a renaissance sex worker, writer, and professional naked lady from Chicago. She’s currently employed as a pro-Domme, but has aspirations of doing granny porn in forty to fifty years. She likes old clothes, gin, and back massages.

Lindsey Conklin (Intern) has written for Pink and Black Magazine and Hello Giggles. She is addicted to coffee, travel and chocolate everything.