Content Team

Samantha Escobar, Fashion & Beauty Editor
Sam has been writing for The Gloss since August 2012. She’s also contributed to YourTango, HuffPo Live, Puttenham Limited and Lovelyish, as well as The Gloss’s sister sites Blisstree and Crushable. After being a makeup artist for several years, she now enjoys sitting at a computer and typing her thoughts in sweatpants rather than touching people’s faces. She is a “cat person,” but also likes dogs and sloths more than most.

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Twitter: @myhairisblue

Elizabeth Licata, Contributing Editor
Liz was born in Chicago and studied costume design and art history at Dartmouth and Stanford. She lives in Germany but still thinks of herself as a New York-based writer and she puts avocado on absolutely everything.

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Twitter: @AmbienceChaser

Hayley Hoover, Contributing Editor
Hayley is a writer based in Cleveland. She produces video content for My Damn Channel, Gurl, and her personal YouTube channel, hayleyghoover. Likes: burritos, running, nail polish, her cat. Dislikes: John Mayer.

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Twitter: @hayleyghoover

Heather Cichowski, Contributing Editor
Heather is a writer who feels it is a job requirement to own every shade of nail polish. She thinks any bad day can be improved by a trip to Sephora–provided there aren’t 10 people giving themselves makeovers, in front of the new lipsticks.

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Twitter: @dressdecoding

Alana Milich, Intern

Alana has written for her parents and cats (and a few blogs), and is hoping to expand this list soon. She knows more Harry Potter trivia than she cares to admit. When she isn’t binge watching television, she is either sleeping or planning schemes to meet her favorite British celebrities.

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Sara Steinfeld, Intern

Sara Steinfeld is a recovering Jonas Brothers addict with a penchant for chicken nuggets and correcting other people’s grammar. She graduated from Colgate University in 2014 with a BA in English and a minor in Toothpaste. Likes include the men of MTV’s Teen Wolf, fat corgis, and April 25th, because it’s not too hot, not too cold; all you need is a light jacket. Dislikes include excessive heat, Teresa Giudice’s hairline, and any combination of the two.

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twitter: @callmesarar

Jenni Maier, Managing Editor for The Gloss, Crushable, Mommyish and Blisstree

Despite being born with an allergy to pickles and an addiction to stalking celebrity children, Jenni Maier managed to overcome the odds and get a fulltime bloggin’ job. During the rare times when Jenni Maier isn’t writing fan mail to Jinger Duggar or attempting to invent the next Pinterest so that she can retire by 30, she’s contemplating whether she should take commenters’ suggestion and get a real job.

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