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25 Pizza Cakes For The Best Pizza Party Ever

25 Pizza Cakes For The Best Pizza Party Ever

Earlier today, I saw a picture of the above pizza. It’s unlike any other pizza I’ve ever beheld. It’s sort of a pizza and layer cake hybrid, no? I’m not one for deep dish, so it doesn’t really wet my appetite, but it did get me thinking about the other kind of pizza cake–the kind that is an actual cake disguised as a piping hot pie. Apparently they are very popular for pizza enthusiast’s birthday parties. I’ll show you. More »

The 9 Best Hangovers Cures…That Just Don’t Work

The 9 Best Hangovers Curesâ¦That Just Donât Work

So you went a little hard last night and now you’re feeling fatigued, headache-y, and maybe a little pukey. I feel for you, dude! Hangovers are easily the worst. Anybody who has ever partied knows that. If only there was something you could do about it! Other than wallowing in your suffering while you rest, drink water and wait it out, there is nothing you can really do. Unfortunately anyone who offers you a hangover remedy is either fooling themselves or a trickster preying on your susceptibility to the placebo effect. More »