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What Is “The Porn Diet” Exactly?

What Is âThe Porn Dietâ Exactly?

The other night, charming and adorable actress Gabrielle Union told Conan O’Brien that she’s on “the porn diet” and thank goodness she explained what she meant by porn diet because I’ve heard about it before, but know it isn’t a specific diet plan. Porn diet could mean a lot of things.  I’ve heard that term thrown around before, so I’ve compiled a few different iterations of The Porn Diet and what it could possibly be: More »

Don’t Tell Me What To Do: Diets Are For Feminists Too

Donât Tell Me What To Do: Diets Are For Feminists Too

Just last week, someone on Facebook accused me of perpetuating anti-feminist body hatred simply because I acknowledged that people diet with this post. It was very a frustrating charge to stomach because I don’t think it’s misogynistic to talk about dieting. It’s something that people do whether or not we talk about it and it’s counterproductive to give other women a hard time about their choices concerning their individual bodies. More »

Healthy New Years Resolutions In Order of How Likely You Are To Keep Them

Healthy New Years Resolutions In Order of How Likely You Are To Keep Them

The year of our lord two thousand and thirteen is about to end and when we ring in two thousand and fourteen, the people of the Gregorian calendar will resolve to change themselves to mutate into better beings. They are engaging in a ritual we call “New Year’s Resolutions.” Some will succeed, but most will fail, er, well maybe not fail but totally forget they resolved to do anything and go back to their old ways. More »

Winter Workout Clothes That Won’t Make You Look Like A Snowman

Winter Workout Clothes That Wonât Make You Look Like A Snowman

When the weather outside is frightful, there’s nothing you can do but suck it up and try to make the best of it. To combat the abominable weather, you know you have to dress accordingly. It’s so hard though! Dressing for adequate warmth can get in the way of a good run. Bundling up may be cozy, but it’s also pretty bulky. Not only will you look like a snowman, but you’ll have the mobility of one. Snowmen suck at working out. More »

Judging The Things Victoria’s Secret Models Have Said About Their Diets

Judging The Things Victoriaâs Secret Models Have Said About Their Diets

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs tomorrow! The lingerie and prop-wing spectacular is supposed to be about lingerie, but it tends to be about celebrity and hot bods. Year after year after year, the media asks the participating models about how they prepare their famous bodies for the night of a million sequins. The Angels tend to respond to questions about their diet and fitness regimens either by being brutally honest and saying it’s very hard work, or claiming they don’t really have to do anything. No matter what, their answers are awfully easy to judge. It’s easy to be frustrated with celebrities who have no choice but to talk about their bodies all the time. More »