Topic: Designers Say The Darndest Things

Karl Lagerfeld Is Even A Jerk When He Compliments People

Karl Lagerfeld Is Even A Jerk When He Compliments People

Karl Lagerfeld, half diabolical bond villain, half talented fashion goblin, has been known to be highly critical of women’s bodies to a twisted, embarrassing and nearly pathological degree. He doesn’t care who a celebrity woman is, he will find a way to criticize her. Lagerfeld famously claimed Adele was too fat as if he was helping her out. Considering Lagerfeld’s impressive resume of female body criticism, it’s no wonder that even his compliments smack of cruelty. One of the kinder things I’ve heard he said turned out to actually be a warning for one model to not fuck her shit up. More »

Diane von Furstenberg Says She’s Never Met A Woman Who Is Not ‘Strong’

Diane von Furstenberg Says She's Never Met A Woman Who Is Not 'Strong'

Are you hearing that Diane von Furstenberg as never met a woman who is not strong and tinking to yourself, “Goodness, I am barely strong enough to contract my muscles in a way that allows me to hold one her wrap dresses on my body in a decent fashion?” Can you even contract muscles to keep wrap dresses from flying open? I can’t. But have no fear! That does not mean you’re weak! More »

Giorgio Armani’s LSD Story

Giorgio Armani's LSD Story

Sometimes, it’s nice to know some extraordinarily famous designers are just as goofy as that awesome-turned-strange-turned-sad guy you knew in college who used to rant about lizards speaking revelations to him but now just hangs around at dirty collective houses in Berkeley because tripped out his brain for four straight years. Well, maybe not “nice,” per se, but certainly fascinating. Giorgio Armani apparently falls into that category. More »

Donatella Versace Proclaims “I’m Not Like This Genetically,” World Reels From Fallout

Donatella Versace Proclaims "I'm Not Like This Genetically," World Reels From Fallout

Large congregations of fashion industry types can often result in moments of pure, elevated, frequently delightful obliviousness. Unfortunately, this weekend’s British Vogue Festival seemed like a pretty staid affair–Victoria Beckham‘s soundbite about her naked design process was as scintillating as things got.

Then along came Donatella Versace. More »