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Miley Cyrus Shows Underboob, Wears Men’s Underwear, Ruins Punk In V Magazine

Miley Cyrus Shows Underboob, Wears Men's Underwear, Ruins Punk In V Magazine

She can’t be tamed, y’all!

In the summer 2013 issue of V Magazine, Miley Cyrus can be seen “pushing the boundaries” of former child star propriety in some rather statement-y get-ups. Her accoutrements include ’80s punk spikes, ’90s jazzercise clothes, a pink mohawk, underboob, and many, many abs. She also wears that great bugaboo of the nineties, pre-distressed jeans, and even tries out a bit of androgyny in some men’s underwear. If she’s trying to get a bicurious female following, it’s working…this is the hottest I have ever found her. (I’m easy like that.)

What with all the screaming loud fashions and efforts at gender-bending on display, I’m a little (but not too) surprised most of the coverage of this so far has focused on how much skin she is showing. What kind of crazy shit does she have to wear to become known for her bold fashion risk taking? Click through to see this stupid sexy clusterfuck in all its gaudy glory. More »

Carey Mulligan Is Lovely And Ethereal In Harper’s Bazaar UK

Carey Mulligan Is Lovely And Ethereal In Harper's Bazaar UK

Carey Mulligan is currently in the thick of promoting The Great Gatsby, which is good news for anyone who enjoys looking at pictures of Carey Mulligan. In the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK, Ms. Mulligan poses for a series of lovely, seasonally appropriate photos: there are flowers on the trees and on her clothes, and she even wears a pair of rain boots in one shot. Her beauty look is fittingly soft and natural, and the accompanying article is full of cute tidbits, like the music she listened to to get pumped up for scenes in The Great Gatsby (LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”) and the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio wrote her notes and signed them as Gatsby. Aw. More »

Rita Ora Shows Off Her Badass Euro-Pop Style In Elle‘s ‘Women In Music’ Issue

Rita Ora Shows Off Her Badass Euro-Pop Style In Elle's 'Women In Music' Issue

As with many “Women in Music” issues of major magazines, the selections in Elle‘s May issue are hardly earth-shattering; articles on Pink, Alicia Keys, and Adele are hardly going to introduce people to sounds they haven’t heard before. (Nor are they supposed to. They are supposed to sell magazines.) But the selection of British pop star Rita Ora for two of the covers is fairly eye-catching, as she has yet to hit it big in the US. It’s also eye-catching, of course, because Rita Ora at her best has some great, bold style, which the stylist wisely decided to play up. Check out her colorful editorial, then go here to listen to “Torn Apart,” a fun, reggae-inflected collaboration between Ms. Ora and the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg. More »

The Great Gatsby‘s Carey Mulligan Wears Gorgeous 1920s Fashions, Compares Daisy Buchanan To A Kardashian In Vogue

The Great Gatsby's Carey Mulligan Wears Gorgeous 1920s Fashions, Compares Daisy Buchanan To A Kardashian In Vogue

Every now and then when I’m feeling sad, I remember that Baz Luhrmann‘s crazy, postmodern, technicolor, 3D version of The Great Gatsby is coming out soon, and that it stars some of our greatest living thespians, and that its anachronistic soundtrack is produced by Jay-Z, and I feel okay again. It also means lots of flapper-themed Carey Mulligan editorials, which are nice, too. In the May issue of Vogue, Ms. Mulligan lays to rest any lingering silliness about how she’s not pretty enough to play Daisy Buchanan by donning several heart-stoppingly gorgeous 1920s ensembles in an editorial masterfully shot by Mario Testino. She also says some smart things in the accompanying feature, like “Daisy Buchannan was basically a Kardashian.” (I’m paraphrasing.) That is so true! Carey Mulligan is just the greatest. More »

Karen Elson Is A Retro Springtime Flower Goddess In Harper’s Bazaar UK

Karen Elson Is A Retro Springtime Flower Goddess In Harper's Bazaar UK

It’s officially spring, y’all! Birds are chirping, buds are opening, and today was the very first day this year I ventured outside without any fabric covering my legs. (The bottom two-thirds, anyway; it’s not leotard weather yet.) And it will grow even springier next month, which magazines shall celebrate with various spring-themed spreads! As a sucker for both spring and flowers, I do not tire of these kinds of photos, especially when they feature cool people like Karen Elson. She’s best known outside the fashion world as Jack White‘s ex-wife, but she’s also a musician in her own right, as well as a great model who’s been working in the industry for some time. And age 34, she’s getting more work than ever. This is hardly over the hill, but it’s still nice to see in such an age-ist industry. Click through to get psyched for spring by looking at Karen Elson wearing pretty clothes and flowers. More »

Check Out These Fantastical Images Of Elegant Paper Dresses

Check Out These Fantastical Images Of Elegant Paper Dresses

Every few months there’s some fashion editorial/event/publicity stunt in which someone has made a dress out of something not traditionally used to make dresses. Recent examples include cheese, gummi bears, toilet paperroadkill, beetle wings3000 cow and yak nipples… In the time between those stories, we hear of industrious teenagers making prom dresses from similarly unlikely materials: cardboard, homework, etc… More »

Cara Delevingne Demonstrates The Concept Of ‘Fashion Tits’ In The Latest Issue Of Interview (NSFW)

Cara Delevingne Demonstrates The Concept Of 'Fashion Tits' In The Latest Issue Of Interview (NSFW)

If you saw the glimpse of fashion tits Cara Delevingne flashed in Love Magazine’s “controversial” fashion film and thought you might like to see more of said fashion tits, you’re in luck. Interview Magazine has just published an editorial starring the young Ms. Delevingne that is the fashion tittiest thing I’ve seen since yesterday.

“What are fashion tits,” you ask? Generally speaking, fashion tits are small-ish, perky breasts which, when revealed in photos, read as artistic, rather than pornographic, due to their shape, size, and context, as well as the quality of photography. Obviously, these rules are silly and arbitrary, and easily broken by people like Terry Richardson, who’s never met a fashion tit he couldn’t porn-ify. But breast rules aside, this is also just a lovely set of photos. Cara Delevingne may be in danger of overexposure at this point, but it’s easy to see why: no matter how many questionable things she says or Shania Twain songs she lipsyncs to, she is beautiful in a way that a lot of people like, and pretty much photographs like the platonic essence of fashion model-ness. More »

Alison Brie Plays Up Her Acting Range (And Social Media Skills) In Wired Magazine

Alison Brie Plays Up Her Acting Range (And Social Media Skills) In Wired Magazine

In the latest issue of Wired Magazine, Alison Brie (of Mad Men and Community fame) hams it up in some photos illustrating an article about the new ways people are using technology to engage with TV shows, and how outdated the Nielsen rating system is. (And how we have gotten better TV shows as a result.) None of the pictures within are quite as great as the cover shot, which shows what Trudy Campbell would look like if she murdered her horrid, sniveling prig of a husband and took his job. But they do show off Ms. Brie’s range as an actress, which is something the article discusses, and she looks great in all of them. Now, let’s do some “Mad Math.” More »

Check Out This Disturbing Plastic Surgery Themed Editorial In Magazine (NSFW)

Check Out This Disturbing Plastic Surgery Themed Editorial In Magazine (NSFW)

Of all the self-referential ways the fashion world comments on itself, plastic surgery-themed editorials are one of the best. That’s because most efforts at self-referentiality come off self-indulgent and un-self-critical, while it’s pretty much impossible for a decent plastic surgery themed editorial to do that. The imagery of plastic surgery is so grotesque that it makes you think “hey, that’s awful!” even if you still want to look like the model therein. These photos “expose” the price of beauty, if you can call it that.

It also just appeals to my gothic sensibilities, because once you’ve grown up listening to Marilyn Manson you will never not enjoy a photo that combines the glamorous with the macabre. Additionally, it echoes a Suicidegirls photoset published during that site’s heyday, which was humorous and compelling enough to still be stuck in my mind seven years later. More »

L’Officiel Paris‘s Spanish Themed Editorial Starring Lana Del Rey Is Actually Really Great

L'Officiel Paris's Spanish Themed Editorial Starring Lana Del Rey Is Actually Really Great

So I’ve already said enough about Lana Del Rey‘s shortcomings as an artist/empty signifier/hubristic first year Pratt student to last me for quite some time. But what about Lana Del Rey, model? As it turns out, she’s actually really good at that. She should do it more!

The latest issue of L’Officiel Paris features the cyberbullied singer/songwriter in a retro styled editorial that gives James Dean and Marilyn Monroe‘s ghosts a rest for once and draws on the iconography of an equally mythologized, if infinitely classier, country called Spain. From the red lips to the mid-length, wavy hair to the beautiful clothes, this is a feast for the eyes. Much credit should go to photographer Nicole Nodland, who got some really beautiful shots. But Ms. Del Rey is great and posing and conveying moods, too. And this goes without saying, but she looks lovely. If only she’d been born in an era before trip hop, she might have been a silent film star. More »

Danielle Fishel (a.k.a. Topanga) Shows Off How Little She Has Aged In Maxim

Danielle Fishel (a.k.a. Topanga) Shows Off How Little She Has Aged In Maxim

To help promote her upcoming turn in the Boy Meets World sequel Girl Meets World, Danielle Fishel (a.k.a. Topanga) has submitted herself to Maxim‘s lad mag treatment: lingerie, housework in heels, the whole nine yards. Looking at the photos, I’m impressed with how little she seems to have aged since Boy Meets World ended 13 years ago, despite having lived a relatively normal life bereft of all the magical poisons Hollywood starlets generally gain access to at age 28. I am also struck by the degree to which the uber-socially conscious Topanga would probably not approve. But it’s all worth it for the story she tells about Bob Saget: More »

Selena Gomez Vamps For Terry Richardson In Harper’s Bazaar

Selena Gomez Vamps For Terry Richardson In Harper's Bazaar

In the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar, former child star Selena Gomez can be seen “growing up her image,” as they say, in a very leggy editorial shot by our old pal Terry Richardson. At best, Uncle Terry’s “mainstream” photos look like perfectly serviceable fashion photography, and at worst, they look super stiff and boring, and both of those styles are showcased here. Things are further complicated by Photoshop abuse in some of the pictures. But Selena Gomez is a lovely young lady, so her cute/sexy/charismatic personality shines through nonetheless. I am even willing to overlook the fact that she claims it’s hard for her to get dates in the accompanying article. More »

Kimye Engages In Further Self-Love All Over The Pages Of L’Officiel Hommes

Kimye Engages In Further Self-Love All Over The Pages Of L'Officiel Hommes

As you may recall, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are on the cover of French fashion mag L’Officiel Hommes this month, demonstrating for all their newfound love of privacy by having simulated sex, rather than actual sex. Now, Kimye can be seen having simulated sex with itself across many pages of the magazine in an editorial of epic me-portions. How is it that Kim and Kanye manage to look narcissistic and fame-hungry even as they demonstrably possess all the fame one could possibly be hungry for? That is truly a mystery for the ages. More »