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Gallery: What Do You Think Of This Batman Themed Clothing Line For Grown Women?

Gallery: What Do You Think Of This Batman Themed Clothing Line For Grown Women?

In a bit of unexpected cross promo with The Dark Knight Rises, British design label Lazy Oaf is about to release a line of Batman themed clothing for grown-ups. Which makes me wonder: is it ever really possible to make “hip” clothing that takes itself seriously— as the numerous shots of a model wearing Batman clothes, doing editorial poses, and making sexyface would suggest—out of a movie based on a superhero comic? I don’t think so, but maybe you disagree! Peruse the photos and tell me what you think. More »

Gallery: Madewell Encourages Grown Women To Dress Like Disheveled Toddlers

Gallery: Madewell Encourages Grown Women To Dress Like Disheveled Toddlers

Zooey Deschanel, what hath thou wrought?

Okay, so Zooey generally looks fairly put-together. But the quirksome, infantilized woman-children she so often plays seem to have leaked into mainstream culture to the point where major fashion brands like Madewell are styling their models like they’re trying out for Charlize Theron‘s role on Arrested Development. I’m all for dressing whimsically, but there’s a difference between selecting a cutesy print and making people wonder if you’re developmentally disabled and/or engaged in some sort of adult baby fetish play. Click through to see what I mean. More »

Gallery: The Best And Worst Of H&M’s Fall 2012 Collection

Gallery: The Best And Worst Of H&M's Fall 2012 Collection

Tantalizingly cheap fast fashion chain H&M has just released their fall 2012 look book, and as usual, it contains a mixture of things I would fight someone for and things you couldn’t pay me to wear, weighted heavily towards the latter. (There are also a bunch of boring pieces to which I react neutrally, but those aren’t fun to blog about.) Here are the best and worst looks from their upcoming collection. More »

Gallery: Elle Fanning Models Rodarte’s Spring Collection For A Magazine

Gallery: Elle Fanning Models Rodarte's Spring Collection For A Magazine

A Magazine is a bi-annual publication that invites a a different designer to “curate” each issue. For the current “curated by Rodarte” issue of said magazine, the Mulleavy sisters decided to publish a look book of 13-year-old fashion plate Elle Fanning modeling their spring couture collection. Isn’t that kind of uncomfortably advertorial in nature? Don’t you wish you could afford these clothes? And why doesn’t Elle Fanning ever crack a smile? Is it because she doesn’t have all her grown-up teeth yet? Let’s ponder these questions as we take a look. More »

Janie Bryant’s Mad Men For Banana Republic Collection Landed This Week

Janie Bryant's Mad Men For Banana Republic Collection Landed This Week

Mad Men‘s beloved costume designer Janie Bryant has collaborated with Banana Republic on a collection inspired by the show’s period-accurate nipped waists, pencil skirts, little cardigans and other such retro styles. It hit BR stores this week and if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the ladies lookbook so you can act out all of your Joan Holloway fantasies (the sartorial ones, anyway). More »

Gallery: Free People’s Vegan Leather Lookbook

Gallery: Free People's Vegan Leather Lookbook

There’s this weird dichotomy that comes with being a vegan who’s into punk rock. On the one hand, you just want to SMASH EVERYTHING. On the other, your heart melts into nothing whenever you see a small, furry animal. Earth Crisis fans have been living this paradox for years. Now, fans of fauxhemian fast fashion can, too (sort of) with Free People’s line of fake leather clothing, for which they just released a lookbook featuring their own employees. No animals were harmed in the making of these items, and, as an added bonus, they are cheaper than real leather. Win-win. But do these clothes look as cool as real leather? You be the judge. More »

Gallery: Andrej Pejic And “Zombie Boy” Team Up For Auslander Lookbook

Gallery: Andrej Pejic And "Zombie Boy" Team Up For Auslander Lookbook

Andrej Pejic and Rico “Zombie Boy” Genest might be the two most recognizable male models working right now: Andrej for his lovely, gender-bending look, and Zombie Boy for his insane full-body tattoos (tattoo?). Hence, it makes sense that Brazilian brand Auslander would want to dress them up in its stylish (but rather basic) clothes. In addition to having them walk the runway for its Spring 2012 show in Rio, the brand made its summer catalog all about the two unique-looking fellows. People may or may not remember the clothes, what with all the zombie-ness and androgyny going on, but they are certainly neat images nonetheless. More »