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Dear Internet: Still Exists!

Dear Internet: Still Exists!

This post is brought to you by our friends at Gurl…who definitely exist.

This morning, we stumbled upon an article on The Cut that was basically an ode to A Jezebel writer was then inspired to write a very similar piece. Both authors reminisced on “the old” as ”the forgotten pioneer of teenage pop-feminism” (no really, that was actually the title of The Cut article). Both pieces talked about how informational, helpful, and wonderful Gurl used to be, without really mentioning the fact that, uh, still exists. More »

Party Favors: These Are Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

Party Favors: These Are Not Your Grandmother's Pearls

Your grandmother wouldn’t be caught dead in these pearls. -The Frisky

Be a human bedazzler and DIY some jeweled mules. -Divine Caroline

Who wants to do the chores when you can just have a manservant? -The Frisky

If you call a woman ”exotic”, it’s not really a compliment. -Refinery29

Wrap one of these sweaters around you and walk into the breezy August night. -Bustle

Could you make it a month without using traditional deodorant? -HuffPo Style

Jump on the Spring App bandwagon, your closet will thank you. -StyleList

Look sexy and cook dinner like only a Victoria’s Secret model could. -The Stir 

You’ll be surprised how many celebs started as strippers. -YourTango

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Party Favors: Hold Onto That Denim Pencil Skirt

Party Favors: Hold Onto That Denim Pencil Skirt

Don’t throw your denim pencil skirt away before you’ve tried these looks. -The Frisky

Cheers to Modcloth for signing a no-photoshop pledge! -Bustle

You’ll never see these bodies on billboards but you should. -HuffPo Style

Men trying on Spanx will remind you why you hate to wear them. -StyleList

There’s a right way and a wrong way to wear black at a wedding. -Refinery29

Try these sweat-proof hairstyles before the chill sets in. -YourTango

The thought of tucking your skirt into your underwear inspires terror. -The Stir

Make this fall all about that bad ass leather jacket. -Divine Caroline

Drink vinegar if you want glowing skin and bad breath. -StyleList

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Jesus Freak: Abstinence Is The Worst Reason To Rush Into Marriage

Jesus Freak: Abstinence Is The Worst Reason To Rush Into Marriage

I used to be a believer in abstinence until marriage. In fact, I was “saving myself” as a virgin until marriage, until I re-met my husband at the age of 24. While I technically have only been with one man, my husband, we decided to rapidly switch gears and live together in sin two years prior to getting married. One reason was because my husband was already divorced at the age of 24, a marriage he rushed into because of the abstinence doctrine. More »

Party Favors: Become A Fashionable Traveling Aquarium

Party Favors: Become A Fashionable Traveling Aquarium

You can be a traveling human aquarium with a fishbowl backpack. -Bustle

Models sans makeup are still the most gorgeous beings on earth. -HuffPo Style

These celebrity sisters share the same style sensibilities. -StyleList

Lady Gaga‘s second scent Eau De Gaga smells of violet, leather and lime. -Refinery29

All aboard the suede train! Get your heels before leaves start falling. -The Frisky

These Hollywood homewreckers will make you clutch your boo tighter. -YourTango

Jessica Simpson is a bathing suit beauty with a ridiculous flower crown. -The Stir

Oui, of course we want to look chic and French! - Divine Caroline

Homemade Biore Strips are really not worth it if you value your eyebrows. -Bustle

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