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An Unplanned Pregnancy Doesn’t Have To Ruin Your Life

An Unplanned Pregnancy Doesn't Have To Ruin Your Life

Growing up in my childhood home I heard a common refrain: don’t get pregnant when you’re young because it will ruin your life. My mom had me at 23 and though she never expressed resentment towards me, I knew she gave up a lot to raise me. I knew her life didn’t look the way she wanted it to look, and I was determined to follow her advice and not make those same mistakes. More »

Shaming Women For Breastfeeding ‘Discreetly’ Is Just As Bad As Telling Them To Cover Up

Shaming Women For Breastfeeding âDiscreetlyâ Is Just As Bad As Telling Them To Cover Up

Public breastfeeding shouldn’t be controversial, but unfortunately we live in a society where it is. Countless times we’ve seen women shamed, asked to cover up, and even asked to leave places for the simple act of breastfeeding an infant. That sort of shaming is hurtful and ignorant. Equally damaging, though, are members of the breastfeeding community who shame ultra-modest women for their feelings about their own breasts and bodies. More »

Gross Things All Parents Do But Won’t Admit

Gross Things All Parents Do But Won't Admit

There’s no question that babies can do gross things, yes, even the girl ones. But despite the fact that parents are practically the reason Purell stays in business, we too are guilty of doing things that would make the childfree blush, including those who regularly undertake the trek to Burning Man. While parents love to overshare on Facebook, there are some things not even the boldest among us will confess to on our timelines. Here’s ten gross things all parents do, but will never admit. More »