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Mind Over Mommy: Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Mind Over Mommy: Self-Care Isn't Selfish

If you look up self-care and mental health on the internet, you’ll get a pretty muddled definition. You’ll find articles with images of beautiful women in bubble baths or doing yoga at sunrise in tropical locales. These articles will talk about manicures, spa days, wine, and treating yourself. At some point, they’ll discuss meditation and mindfulness practices, and just like so much literature from the fitness industry, they’ll present an unrealistic and unattainable image of what fulfilled motherhood and womanhood look like. More »

It’s Time To Stop Pretending Secondhand Smoke Isn’t Child Abuse

Itâs Time To Stop Pretending Secondhand Smoke Isnât Child Abuse

Many people struggle with an addiction to smoking cigarettes and parents aren’t immune. As difficult as it may be for non-smokers to understand, quitting the habit doesn’t suddenly become easier just because you find out you’re pregnant or become a parent. Lots of people still light up around their kids, even though they’re well aware of the studies that prove it’s damaging not just for them, but also for their children. The question is, does that constitute abuse? More »

Why Do Babies Make Men Babe Magnets, And Women Undateable?

Why Do Babies Make Men Babe Magnets, And Women Undateable?

When a father goes out in public with his child, it is a near certainty that someone (usually a woman) will make an admiring comment about what a “great” job he’s doing or possibly, quietly note how “hot” he is doing it. As a society, we set the bar low for what makes a dad “great” and being a dad makes a man sexier to a great many women. Meanwhile, a mother can perform the exact same feat and she’s either totally overlooked or admonished for some kind of parental wrong-doing. More »