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Party Favors: Pantsuits Aren’t For Grannies, So Suit Up

Party Favors: Pantsuits Aren't For Grannies, So Suit Up

You’re not too old to wear a pantsuit, so suit up! -Refinery29

Look as chic as Taylor Schilling in a romper and red lips. -The Frisky

All the groovy chicks are throwing it back to the 70s. -StyleList

Your preppy Sperry Top Siders were inspired by a dog. -Bustle

Dita Von Teese designed sexy lingerie for moms-to-be. -The Stir

Make your nails the prettiest version of pink you can paint. -Divine Caroline

Don’t listen to Disney Princesses when it comes to love. -YourTango

Break all the fashion rules because it’s more fun that way. -HuffPo Style

Pick the perfect summer party dress to impress the guests. -Bustle


Party Favors: Christian Siriano Doesn’t Design For Plus Size Models

Party Favors: Christian Siriano Doesn't Design For Plus Size Models

Christian Siriano doesn’t cast plus size models for shows. -The Frisky

Vaseline is the answer to your simplistic beauty prayers. -StyleList

Karlie Kloss gives us a peek into her gorgeous West Village townhouse. -Refinery29

There is no good reason for a flip flop to have a heel. -Bustle

Jennifer Lopez‘s bathtub selfie is almost too sensual for polite company. -TheStir

Tips for dealing with the dreaded scalp sunburn. -Divine Caroline

These dysfunctional superhero couples will make you like being single. -YourTango

No one better talk to you in the AM before you get your coffee mani. -HuffPo Style

Switch up the old cat-eye with these fun eyeliner looks. -Refinery29

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Party Favors: We’re Jealous Of One Woman’s 3-Story Closet

Party Favors: We're Jealous Of One Woman's 3-Story Closet

Prepare to be jealous of the woman with a 3-story closet. -StyleList

This bracelet has a shocking way of making you go to the gym. -Bustle

The Olsen twins designed their first hippie-chic wedding gown. -The Stir

It’s still summer, but you can start back-to-school shopping. -DivineCaroline

Buy some jewelry for your favorite man, he’ll thank you for it. -YourTango

Everything you wish you knew about filling in your eyebrows. -StyleList

Oh, you want a front row seat at fashion week? Pay up! -HuffPo Style

Petite ladies need some help in the Maxi dress shopping department. -The Frisky

This beauty oil has the Gwyneth Paltrow GOOPy stamp of approval. -Refinery29

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Party Favors: Lady Gaga Now Has Little Baby Bangs

Party Favors: Lady Gaga Now Has Little Baby Bangs

Lady Gaga and the case of the mysterious shrinking bangs. -Bustle

Chris Pratt can french braid hair, solidifying him as your new crush. -The Stir

DIY this super cute double pearl ring, twice the pearl is more fun. -Divine Caroline

If your boyfriend is over 5’10″, he’s statistically more likely to cheat. -YourTango

Miami Swimweek had a few very unwearable swimsuits. -HuffPo Style

Steal Anne Hathaway’s vest & dress style…but not the little ponytail. -The Frisky

A college student is going makeup-free for a year, could you do it? -Refinery29

Be a beauty hipster with these niche brands in your makeup bag. -StyleList

The Essie nail polish vending machine just made manicures more fun. -Bustle

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