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Party Favors: Gaze Into The Eyes Behind Karl’s Sunglasses

Party Favors: Gaze Into The Eyes Behind Karl's Sunglasses

This vintage pic shows us the often unseen eyes of Karl Lagerfeld. -HuffPo Style

The models actually eat at NYFW so we’ve all been living a lie. -Bustle

Keeping your online dating profile PG-13 might get you better matches. – YourTango

In ridiculous and unnecessary products news, there’s now a Selfie Brush. -StyleList

The best dry shampoos to use when you need to hit ‘snooze’. -Divine Caroline

Moms have given up these beauty rituals so enjoy them while you can. -The Stir

Let’s about the embarrassing beauty questions you won’t ask. -Refinery29

Rebecca Minkoff debuted the beachy pastel collection of your dreams. -The Frisky

Start munching on chia seeds if you want a thick, luscious mane. -StyleList


10 Common Beauty Injuries And How To Fix Them

10 Common Beauty Injuries And How To Fix Them

This post is brought to you by our friends at Gurl.

There’s an old phrase that says “Beauty is pain.” That shouldn’t be true, but it sort of is because some of the things we do in the name of beauty are really painful. Like, pouring hot wax on your body and ripping your hair off is not a pleasant experience. More »

Party Favors: Get Into Gingham

Party Favors: Get Into Gingham

The runway told us gingham is in, so shop this look pronto. -The Frisky

An emphasis on efficiency takes diversity off of the runway. -HuffPo Style

These love quotes could melt even the iciest of hearts. -YourTango

According to NYFW, nail art is still the hottest nail trend. -Refinery29

Sarah Jessica Parker‘s NYC townhouse is so damn fancy. -StyleList

You can use coconut oil a new way for almost every day of the month. -Divine Caroline

Kids trying to pronounce designer names will make you squee with delight. -Bustle

Moms might be hiding some of today’s trends deep in their closets. -The Stir

These street style NYFW bags are going to blow your mind. -Refinery29

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Mariska Hargitay Responds To Taylor Swift Naming Her Cat After Her, And It’s Weirdly Hilarious

Mariska Hargitay Responds To Taylor Swift Naming Her Cat After Her, And Itâs Weirdly Hilarious

As you may or may not remember depending on how important Taylor Swift’s pet-naming habits are to you, a few months ago Taylor got a new kitten and named it after one of her favorite TV characters. Olivia Benson (the character, not the cat) is played by Mariska Hargitay, so obviously as soon as this news broke I awaited Mariska’s response with bated breath. But I never got one. Until now. More »

Party Favors: Would You Ditch The Deodorant?

Party Favors: Would You Ditch The Deodorant?

Would you dare to ditch the deodorant for a week? -Refinery29

These celebs sat front row at NYFW while you were at home. -Bustle

Can we all agree that Clueless should have its own makeup line? -Refinery29

These quickie celeb marriages were basically shorter than a manicure. -YourTango

“Nude” colored bras are about to get a lot more inclusive. -The Stir

Wearing black and white is always chic during fashion week. -HuffPo Style

This fall is all about the 60s mod makeup. Groovy, baby! -Divine Caroline

This one goes out to the teens who ask the internet if they’re pretty. -StyleList

Mara Hoffman brought California girl style to New York this week. -The Frisky

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Party Favors: It’s Hard To Look Artfully Disheveled

Party Favors: It's Hard To Look Artfully Disheveled

The trick to looking artfully disheveled is all about the planning. -Refinery29

Lady Gaga looks glamorously fierce in her new perfume ads. -Bustle

Our moms wore PJs to drop us off at school and today’s moms can too. -The Stir

Celebrate Joan Rivers‘ life by checking out her best red carpet looks. -HuffPo Style

Take it from Emma Stone, black and white doesn’t have to be boring. -The Frisky

A simple black nail is cool, but these black nail designs are cooler. -Divine Caroline

Sometimes being a fashion model isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. -Refinery29

Give into your ginger fever and start dating a redhead. -YourTango

Aquamarine, toasted almond, & custard are the “it” colors of fall. -StyleList

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