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12 Celebrity Romances You Didn’t Know Happened

12 Celebrity Romances You Didnât Know Happened

Sometimes it seems like everybody in Hollywood has dated, to the point where it feels kind of incestuous. Never is that feeling more present than when you learn that two celebrities you would never have put together were once a couple — or at least an “item,” whatever that means. It’s especially weird when you learn that they were together for years. This is different from remembering that Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal used to go out or that J.Lo and Diddy were a thing. These are the kinds of celebrity couples that make you go, “Wait… what? Them? When? For that long? Where was I? Why haven’t I heard this?” Unless you’re a devoted fan of these people, odds are you had no idea they went out. Or maybe you’re a genius and you remember all of them, in which case please teach me your powers of memorization. There’s a Shakespearean monologue I’ve been trying to remember for no reason. More »