Impatient - 12 Angry Men

As anybody who has ever worked in food service or retail knows, the holiday season sucks. They just completely and totally suck. You’re overworked, probably underpaid, everybody tips you less because they’re trying to save money — which is understandable but nonetheless very frustrating — and your bosses are constantly stressed out at you. Oh, and people will yell at you. For no reason. Just… no reason. You’ll smile sweetly because you have to, but inside, you will contemplate headbutting them with the strength of 1000 Guy Fieris.

Sometimes they’ll apologize because they’re “just stressed” or they will tell you it’s “just the season,” but the holiday season isn’t a Get Out of Jail Free card for being an asshole. Sorry, there actually isn’t one of those applicable to people over 7. This is when your tantrums must end; do not throw them as an adult, please.

Nevertheless, people constantly see this time of year as an excuse to ruin other holidays for their employees, act like a pack of ravenous beasts requiring a sacrifice of skinny jeans and pull actual weapons on people in order to get deals. But guess what? Shopping for your loved ones and preparing for the holidays does not require you to go all William Wallace on the world; in fact, you’re completely capable of achieving a calm, peaceful time. So calm the fuck down and chill out, folks, it’s time for a non-absurd holiday season.

Photo: 12 Angry Men[ITPGallery]