blurred linesThe year 2013 AD, like all years in human history, was riddled with misogyny. Month after month of objectification in spades and rape-apology with bells on. It was exhausting, but we’ll keep fighting.

Here are 10 of the year’s most misogynistic WTF moments (obviously there were way more than 10, but we don’t have all day):

1) The Response to Angelina Jolie’s Mastectomy-Angelina Jolie was brave and honest about her preventative double masectamy. A lot of internet-jerks took it personally proving that some people still think women are body parts and public property. Twitter was gruesome.

2) The Onion calls Quvenzhané Wallis a Cunt- My imaginary life partners at The Onion really disappointed everyone when they called an Oscar-nominated child what is considered the most anti-woman slur of all of the many anti-woman slurs.

3) Much Ado About Miley– Miley Cyrus was on both ends of some of this year’s most WTF misogyny. She appropriated and took advantage of black women’s and other Othered bodies, so that was shitty on her part, but she was also slut-shamed as if shaking her butt in latex and wagging her tongue was a sure sign of the apocalypse.

4) Blurred Lines– The lyric”I know you want it” speaks for itself. Hopefully this one-hook number goes the way of other shitty songs we’ve collectively forgotten about. No one should have to hear it ever again. No just because it’s dripping with rapey sentiments, but because it’s annoying.

5) Caroline Criado-Perez & Prejudice-The woman who campaigned to have the face of Jane Austen, a major contributor to England’s rich literary history, replace the face of Charles Darwin on a bank note faced gender based criticism and, of course, death and rape threats. She was psychologically scarred for daring to have another lady’s face on money. The reason why people were so upset by the mere idea can only be explained as baldfaced misogyny.

6) Rape Victim Painted As Wanton Teen Temptress– Teen prisoner in a juvenile detention center in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana was slut-shamed and victim blamed after being raped repeatedly by guards. She was apparently at least complicit in her rapes, if not the predator herself, according to some hateful creeps. This whole case is just one of many 2013 examples of the old “she was askin’ for it” chestnut.

7) Seth MacFarlane hosting the Academy Awards-This grade-A jerk isn’t really known for his subtlety or sensitivity, but when he hosted the Oscars and completely dismissed the accomplishments of women with his immature song-and-dance bit about seeing actress’ boobs, he solidified his position as serious misogynistic boob.

8) Return of Kings– I know that giving these little creeps and their shmucky website any attention is just going to feed their perverse egos, but they’re pathetic and we should acknowledge that. Return of Kings is a blog by and for the proudly misogynistic. They think they’re being provocative, but they’re just being pitiful-out-of-touch losers. Between Fat Shaming Week and articles like (paraphrased titles) “How To Tell She’s A Slut” and “Why You Should Definitely Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder” make Return of Kings read like a parody of a woman-hating blog. The writers at Return of Kings are embarrassments to other misogynists.

9) The Titstare App & Subsequent Reactions– Titstare is an app made by two adult human men to make staring at tits easier, like it was a challenge before. Naturally, people got upset that Titstare is even a thing at all, but “brogrammers” were pissed that the anti-female attitude in this app and in the tech world at large was recognized. Read more about it here, it’s another case of misogyny so rich it should be a joke.

10) Pregnant Women Are Not PeopleNorth Carolina’s Greg Brannon, one of the world’s scariest OB-GYN’s and GOP senatorial candidate’s pro-life stance comes from a darker and more misognyistic place than that of most pro-life ideologues, against all odds. Here’s how Brannon described pregnant women: “little girls [who] don’t understand what’s going on to their bodies.” Brannon knows what’s best for you, ladies, don’t go around making your own decisions about your body. Daddy Brannon wants to infantilize you and take away your rights.

That was discouraging. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get in a rocket and leave the Earth forever.

Image via Blurred Lines