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You know what sounds rather unpleasant? Being in the middle of your holiday shopping — which is one of of the more stressful activities depending on your family size all goddamned year — then rushing, because it’s December and everybody has to be quick, and suddenly falling at the Network Rail station because you’re in such a hurry. After being embarrassed because you may have revealed your underwear to a group on strangers, you remind yourself you’ll never see them again, anyway, and move on!

And then you know what would be extra, extra unfun? Seeing a CCTV video of yourself falling and revealing your underwear as some sort of oh-so-hilarious campaign to remind people that they need to slow down during the holidays. That sounds quite upsetting, actually; unfortunately for multiple women, this is the case.

Network Rail created a campaign of sorts using footage of four women falling down in order to urge against “running for a train with high heels, bags of shopping or attempting to carry heavy luggage on an escalator can end up with bruised pride as well as the body.” Basically, don’t rush like these women or you’ll show your panties and be seen as a harlot! Fear of humiliation: it works!

Yes, as The Guardian notes, only the first of these videos appears to encompass the whole “rushing” danger:

“Yet only in the second clip is a woman rushing for a train while pulling a wheelie case (and she’s wearing flat shoes). In the first a woman appears to get something stuck on the escalator while the last (which is admittedly funny), shows two women having a laugh with no care in the world about whether they catch a train or not.”

So, then why are all the clips of women? A spokesman admitted he was unsure of how many women had spills versus men, but that the reason women were shown is because the men’s falls were “pretty nasty.”

“The ones that came through involving men involved people getting hurt and that’s not what this campaign is about. We don’t want to scare people.”

Oh, good, as long as you’re humiliating people for having accidents and scaring them, that works out about right. This is about getting a giggle out of seeing a bunch of women topple over and “lose her dignity,” as Daily Mail says. I don’t know about you guys, but dignity loss definitely gets me in the holiday spirit!

Apparently, this is a similar situation to the photos accompanying tabloid stories about “binge Britain” wherein women are shown publicly intoxicated as a “warning,” despite “just 400 of the 3,000 accidents caught on camera involved ‘intoxication’ according to Network Rail’s own website, and given that women don’t get drunk as often as men.” What I’m gathering from these two campaigns is that falling men is cruel and frightening; falling women is hilarious.

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Photo: BirminghamMail