Rainbow by Michishita Masaaki Flickr / sandy-hook-students-sing-over-the-rainbow

Ready to start tearing up uncontrollably? Then take a gander at watching these Sandy Hook students sing “Over the Rainbow” together. It’s the first thing to make me cry as hard as when I watched the SNL intro of the New York City Children’s Choir singing “Silent Night” last month, and though you can only hear a few moments of the song, it’s clear how wonderful, as well as heartwrenching, it is.

A month after the horrible events that I doubt need recapping for any of you, young students ages 6 to 9 from Newtown, CT, gathered at the house of Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club. There, they recorded a stunning version of “Over The Rainbow” (already one of the loveliest songs in modern English repertoire) with little green ribbons bouncing in their hair.

I would say that the most striking and heartbreaking thing here is how serious the children are. Not in an angry way or even a sad one, but they have these wise expressions — wise in ways children shouldn’t have to be wise — and I am admittedly still crying because of that.

After this, the little choir went on to sing at the studio for Good Morning America with Ingrid Michaelson, of which Michaelson said, “I think there’s nothing more hopeful than hearing children’s voices in unison all together.” Kayla Verga, 10, said she sings the song for her friend Jessica Rekos, 6, who died during the shooting: “Singing the song makes me feel like she’s with me and she’s beside me, singing along with me.”

The track is presently for sale on iTunes and Amazon, with all proceeds going to two Newtown charities: the United Way of Western Connecticut and the Newtown Youth Academy.

Photo: Michishita Masaaki / Flickr