Snooki + Baby


One of the strangest things about this job is that I find myself defensive of the absolute least likely people, and today is a particularly bizarre one (seriously, I’ll be discussing Kim Kardashian’s motherhood later). But something about Snooki was criticized by the Daily Mail and since it is something I will likely be guilty of later this decade, I can’t help but defend her.

According to their article, Snooki is presently “desperate” to have more children after giving birth to her son Lorenzo just a few months ago. She told Cosmopolitan, “I already want another baby. Jionni and I are building our house right now, but once it’s built, then we’re going to pop them out.” Now, where they got “desperate” from that statement, I’m not sure; it essentially sounds like she simply wishes to have more children. Considering she’s financially sound, in a stable relationship and already has a child, I’m not sure why this should come as a remote surprise, but apparently it’s a big deal to the Daily Mail. Why?

“It seems only yesterday she gave birth for the first time… she is already desperate to have another baby, despite the fact she is yet to walk down the aisle,” says the article. Again, the “desperate” inference irks me, but I mainly find the key word of “despite” in there a bit offensive. Yeah, she hasn’t gotten married, but what exactly does that matter?

Countless people are not married and are fantastic parents; likewise, countless people have been married and nevertheless been terrible ones. Being a good, worthy parent has nothing to do with your marital status. If you want to have kids with somebody — whether you’re engaged, married or otherwise — then do so, but who cares if you are “yet to walk down the aisle”? It’s your choice, one that’s entirely up to you and your partner. You can be an excellent parent regardless of what your ring finger says or doesn’t say; assuming any differently is offensive to innumerable single parents out there, so don’t convince yourself to get married in order to satisfy societal constructs.

Photo: Snooki’s Twitter