It’s officially spring and the beauty world is celebrating the season with new launches, lots of pastels and Easter-themed goodies. Of course, we couldn’t have a season change without a bold brow trend to go along with it. And that’s why we’ve ended up with garden brows.

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The trend went viral courtesy of Instagrammer taytay_xx. She was the one behind the viral Christmas tree brows so it seems only right that she would come up with a new brow look for this season.

The look involves coloring brows green and brushing hairs in different directions so they resemble blades of grass. To up the springtime feel, you’re supposed to add little flowers to green brows. If you’re curious about how to get the look, taytay_xx posted a tutorial on Instagram of how to do it.

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If you’re looking for a unique beauty look for Easter, garden brows would definitely fit the bill. It could also make a great festival beauty look for Coachella and beyond. Who’s game to try it?