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Party Favors: Stop Those Pesky Period Pimples

Party Favors: Stop Those Pesky Period Pimples

It’s time to stop hormonal break outs once and for all. -StyleList

Wear a temporary tattoo to make a lasting impression. -The Stir

If you desire luxury leather stickers for your handbag, you’re in luck. -Bustle

This plus-size clothing collaboration is so on point we could die happy. -Refinery29

You might be striking out online because dudes want younger ladies. -YourTango

Ladies, there ain’t no shame in your A cup game. -Bustle

These weird looks from London Fashion Week are only for the runway. -HuffPo Style

This purse made of recycled dog hair is giving us a hairball. Yuck. -The Frisky

No one likes buyer’s remorse so get it right the first time. -Divine Caroline

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